7 Garden DIY’s for June

Now that the sun is finally making an appearance, it’s time to get going on those remaining garden chores before the arrival summer. Besides, the sooner we get these last few tasks finished, the sooner we can enjoy time in the garden.

These 7 Garden DIY’s for June will help get your outdoors in shape before the 4th of July.  From getting your fountains running to tidying up your porch, a June investment of extra attention to your outside can set your garden apart from the rest.

 7 Garden DIY’s for June

1. Braid Dying Bulb Foliage

Braided Daffodils

Who wants to look at dying, yellow bulb foliage amid the exciting perennials of early summer? Emma loves to help braid the daffodil foliage. We gently lay the braid down and stake it under the emerging plants.  The braids are beautiful and I don’t mind seeing a few of them peaking through the plants. A week after the 4th of July, we can gently tug the braids out of the garden after the nutrients have returned to the bulb.

2. Clean and Start Fountains

Fountain Maintenance
Fountains are some of the most returned items to garden centers. It is easy to underestimate the amount of work required by a fountain. However, I have found a few tricks that help me get them clean, keep them running, and minimize maintenance. First, I clean my fountains with a pressure washer (Be careful to test this on a small area first). Second, I attach my fountains to a drip-line connected to my sprinkler system. I never have to fill my fountains because they are getting replenished with fresh water twice each day. This helps keep issues like algae and scaling to a minimum. Finally, I use window screening in the basins to minimize splash. Splash and evaporation are huge sources of water loss for fountains.

3. Make Containers Worry-free

Dripline Containers

While the sprinkler guys are adding drip-line to your fountains, ask them to add extra lines to your containers. I never have to worry about any container or fountain on my property thanks to drip-line!

4. Spruce Up The Front Porch

Freshen Up Your Porch

The front porch can get lost in the priorities of garden care. Ironically, the porch is the very spot a weary gardener can finally rest and appreciate the beauty of the garden. The porch doubles as my outdoor living room for houseplants that cannot take direct sunlight, gardening magazines I’ve been collecting all year and extra vases to fill with cut flowers to give to visitors.  As you can tell, my porch serves many purposes!  I clean the concrete with a power washer every two years.  The wicker chairs were actually from two different sales and were two different colors before they both got hit with a fresh coat of white spray paint. New outdoor pillows add plushness.

5. Clean the Edges

Garden Edging

All garden edging requires attention. Use a little dose of Grass Beater between each stone to prevent grass from creeping into the bed. Creeping grass is easier to control when it is kept short. In my yard, Will trims every weekend to keep the edges looking crisp. Given a choice between starting up the mower and using the trimmer, I’d pick the trimmer every time.  I love it when the edges of my beds are clean-cut and tidy.

6. Personalize the Garden

Writing on Fence

Create a sense of personality by incorporating things you love. Inspiring quotes are life-giving to me. Here, the fence doubles as a space for garden sayings. No special tools were required, just a pencil for lightly tracing the text followed by a sharpie for the final writing.

7. Polyurethane Ironwork

Iron Work

Ironwork is found in almost every garden. To keep my ironwork looking great, I spray it with polyurethane each Spring. Dull pieces can be brought back to life with some of the new textural sprays available at the hardware store. Even better, don’t limit yourself when buying iron pieces at a garage sale or junk store. Keep an open mind. That hideous purple iron gate might look fabulous painted glossy black.

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Jennifer Ebeling
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  1. The Engineer on June 10, 2013 at 8:26 pm

    The ironwork tips are of particular interest to me. Can you clarify further the brand of polyurethane sealant that you prefer to use? I imagine that the Minnesota extremes of winter and summer (cold and heat!) can really play havoc on your garden accessories.

    Kindest regards,


    • 6ftmama on June 10, 2013 at 8:59 pm

      Yes – any polyurethane will do. The main thing is to do it. I apply it seasonally – spring and fall.

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