April 2016

Magnolia blooming closeupCapital R

eady for Spring? I am. We’ve had a bit of a stuttered start to Spring here in lovely Maple Grove, Minnesota. April started with a return to colder temps after March went out like a lamb. Last week, crazy fierce winds blew the curtains right off the mounted brackets on the front porch of the house. With the cold weather and the allergy triggers, I’m afraid it will all have to stay down until things get more tolerable outside.

Despite the cold snap, Spring is making her presence known. The forsythia and magnolia by the driveway are all budded out and the spring bulbs are peaking out of the beds. Under the deck, the bleeding hearts are almost seven inches tall. Just like last year, we’ve got a very pregnant cottontail rabbit making a nest for her babies under the deck steps.

April 2016 Garden Chores

On the kid front, PJ missed four days of school this week with a stomach virus. He lived on the basement couch during the daytime and managed to watch all three Toy Story movies, all three Rush Hour movies, Finding Nemo, and got caught up on Limitless and Elementary. He’s definitely ready to get back to get back to school and the basketball court.

I’m excited to be back to working on the Still Growing podcast. To get started, I’m preparing two new shows from my archive to go live this month. It’s a little bit like riding a bike – but there are also a few new tech things to integrate. It’s been fun hearing from listeners and letting them know that the long wait is finally over!

Last but not least, for the 163rd time, I’m getting the carpets cleaned – thanks to Sonny. Perhaps they can stay cleaned for more than 24 hours this time… then again, maybe not.

6ftmama.com April 2016 to-do list

That’s the View From Up Here for April.

Still growing...

Jennifer Ebeling
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