A Sick Start to September

So we’ve had a sick start to September. In fact, we’re just 10 days into the month and the kids and I are coming off a week of illness

The kids had essentially one day of school (which started right after Labor Day) and then everybody starting getting sick.

First, it was PJ. By the time I got him back on his feet, it started to hit the rest of us. Little John was the only one that made it through unscathed.

This past Friday night, we were falling like dominoes. By Saturday afternoon, when PJ and John were the only ones left standing, I finally called Grandma and Grandpa. Equipped with masks and rubber gloves (no lie) they got us through the worst of it. It wasn’t pretty.

Will was trying to help diagnose us. Two hours later, he was sick, too.

Prior to this, things were going swimmingly.

The little boys had their first day of school.

PJ and John ~ First day of 4th & 2nd Grade
It didn’t hit me til we were in the parking lot, I hadn’t taken their picture!

I started transitioning into Fall here at Everest Lane House slowly – in Fall-like fashion – with a few edits to my mantle scape. (There’s a post on that tomorrow!) Here’s a sneak peak..

The Labor Day weekend also gave me a chance to get back in the garden and begin fall clean-up. Fall perennials are at their peak.

This year I transplanted all the Angelica as it popped up in June and placed them all together in a corner of my garden. I love seeing them stand together.

The cherry tomatoes on the South Patio are continuing to provide for us.

The red lettuce was ready to be thinned and evenly distributed in the raised bed.

This looks much better, doesn’t it?

My favorite find – aside from all the basketballs and other random stuff hiding among my plants – was in the front garden. If you want a chuckle, check out my post on Basketball Gardening. The bright red color caught my eye. First, I thought it was part of a Christmas decoration that had fallen off. I quickly realized it’s a seed pod from a Jack-in-the-Pulpit. Absolutely glorious, isn’t it?

I’ve started cutting back my spent sunflowers. I like to place the heads on my bird feeders until they are completely devoid of seeds.

Phil headed out to Boston for his two-month stint at Harvard’s AMP program.

So, now that everyone is on the mend, we are busy learning and growing around here.

September is such a month of change. Do you recall that song from The Fantasticks called Try to Remember“? I did just that. I looked back through our past Septembers – especially since the kids have been in school and I wrote a post sharing some photos of our past Septembers. It was a good reminder of how everything keeps changing. And, September is really the month where I find myself acutely aware of change and how we’re all handling these big transitions that come every Fall.

September is also our anniversary month.

Here’s the beautiful bouquet Phil sent me.  Unfortunately, I was sick in bed with Emma when it arrived this weekend!  Miracle of miracles, PJ managed to get it in the house while I was dying. I only caught a glimpse of it when my parents came up and carried it by for me to see as they were keeping us all alive this weekend. 

Happy Anniversary Sweetie.

That’s the view from up here this week.

Still growing...

Jennifer Ebeling
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