Back to Normal

It’s mid-October and I’ve been battling through what started as a head cold in Boston and then became a raging sinus infection by the time we got back home to Minneapolis. Then, my asthma got triggered and all the coughing led to laryngitis.  From there, it’s been a daily battle back to health. But, I am so happy to be feeling better – “Back to Normal” as they say – and resuming my full schedule of daily activities.

The View From Up Here this week includes:

  • Bringing in the Houseplants
  • The School Night Checklist that I use with my Babysitters
  • Our Chalkboard Countdown tracking the days until Phil is back home
  • Grandma’s Quick Caramel Frosting Recipe
  • John’s Growing Up
  • My daily dose of Fall Foliage
  • Making Friends at Work

Bringing in the Houseplants

We’ve got our first freeze warning coming for this weekend. While, I haven’t been in the garden since getting sick, I did manage to start bringing in the houseplants – washing them off with sharp sprays of water, giving them long soaks in soapy warm water.  They all look so fantastic after their summer outdoors. The christmas cactus are loving the abrupt change and they’ll be blooming in no time.


School Night Checklist

I just wrote a post sharing my nightly checklist which I have my babysitter team use on school nights. I’ve had many people ask me how I’m keeping it together with Phil being gone, and I’m very up front about the fact that I have this fabulous group of senior high girls – Taylor, Hannah, Kendall, and Wendy – that help me Sunday – Thursday nights for three hours. Attending to all the homework demands for four kids would be impossible without these gals and they’ve really helped me to put some great systems in place this year. The checklist will be in a post on my blog tomorrow called School Night Checklist.

School Night Checklist

Chalkboard Countdown

At Everest Lane House, we’ve got a chalkboard in our kitchen and we started counting down the days until Phil gets home. It won’t be long now. Countdowns are great ways to help the kids start to learn to master time management. I use them all the time.

Days til dad is home

Quick Caramel Frosting

In the kitchen, we’ve re-discovered a fall favorite – Grandma’s Quick Caramel Frosting. Make any box chocolate cake, and it becomes completely irresistible with this frosting. You can get the recipe from this post.

Quick Carmel Frosting

John’s Growing Up 

This week, I wrote a sweet little post about my son John called People Can Change. Check it out, if you’ve ever experienced one of those moments with your kids where they literally grow up right before your eyes. 

My Daily Dose of Fall Foliage

Outside, the Fall season is well underway – though some things are further along than others. Indeed, some of our trees have lost their leaves completely. But, the Locust Tree in front of our house is as green as ever. Even the Monkshood in my front garden – which faces north – has another week before it starts to bloom.

Finally, one of the best parts of this season for me has been the drive to pick my kids up from school each day. At 3 o’clock, I start my drive down Nottingham Parkway near my house and as the afternoon sunshine hits the trees along the Parkway, and it’s just pure Fall beauty.

Fall Foliage

Making Friends at Work

This week, I had the chance to meet and chat with Sarah Griffin-Boubacar. Sarah is the Retail Store Manager at Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply and she joined me for this week’s Still Growing… garden podcast (SG514) to chat about cover crops, garlic and shallots. Aside from being so amazingly knowledgeable about a diverse range of topics, she’s just a really great gal.

If we lived closer, we’d be hanging out and I’d be boxing up John’s clothes for her little guys. Making friends at work is one of those unexpected perks of the job and I was so delighted to get to know Sarah better – even if it was just over the phone.  

Plus, I have to tell you, she had a little surprise in store for me after the show which I share in the outtakes at the very end. It’s not often a guest surprises me – and this one still makes me chuckle every time I think of it.

So I hope you can find some time in your week to listen to the podcast and learn a bit from Sarah about Cover Crops and Growing Shallots & Garlic.

That’s the view from up here this week… 

Still growing...

Jennifer Ebeling
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