Beginning Plans for Everest Lane Kitchen Remodel

After finishing the basement two years ago, I feel I have a better handle on the process for this remodel. In this post, I share how I gather my ideas to prepare for any home improvement project.

Beginning Plans for Everest Lane Kitchen Remodel

I start all of my home projects the same way;  I go through my magazine tear sheets.  I store my tear sheets by room.  Honestly, I really never go through my files unless I am stuck about a space and need some energy to figure it out.

Here’s a peek at my files (I’ve been working on the kitchen file for over 10 years!)


Once I pull the file, I start to take notes on the elements that speak to me.  Here’s a sample of the first page from my project book this morning.


I have about 20 pages of notes just like this and I’m about half way through my file.  This initial part of planning is very life-giving to me.  What works for me is not to edit any of my thoughts.  I just figure out what speaks to me on each tear out.  If I see an image or article that seems stale or doesn’t trigger a reaction, I toss it out.   I let myself have total stream of consciousness.  At this early stage, I don’t have to worry about making it all a reality.  I don’t think about budget.   I don’t worry about finding subs or moving walls, wires or plumbing.  I’m not being practical here. The editing and refining will be happen the moment I write the first check until the project is done.  For now, I get to dream about everything!

By the way, the best time to go through your idea folders is when you have a project.  Just let the files grow until you need to reference them.

Here are some of my biggest reactions so far:

      • Top Inspiration kitchen (for now) is Tyler Florence’s House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year 2011
      • 2 dishwashers – sounds excessive, but cheaper than the cost of a cabinet (sounds pretty good, huh?)
      • 2 pantries – one in the kitchen, one outside the kitchen for items used less than daily
      • 2 sinks – single basins with two facets – long goose neck and separate side spray
      • La Mattina Zone – “The Morning Zone”
      • Floor – handscraped hardwood with scuff resist on top (durashield aluminum oxide)
      • Extra long hardware pulls – feel substantial and also double as towel holders
      • Need to figure out where to put Sonny’s food area – don’t need to know where yet – just know it is an issue
      • Sliding backsplash with secret storage (I LOVE secret storage)
      • Clever Garbage/Recycling solution

This is really all I will be doing for the next week.  The next step will be to start prioritizing and honing my list.  I’ll also start work on a mood board.  Exciting stuff.

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