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SG595: Thanksgiving in the Garden with Lynn Gendusa

November 23, 2017

Columnist Lynn Gendusa is back on the show today and she’s sharing a beautiful article she wrote last year for Thanksgiving and it’s called Thanksgiving in a Garden. Lynn has a knack for telling stories that tug at heart strings and give us a respite from the go-go-go of our days. Gardeners have a soft spot for nostalgia and simplicity; Lynn’s writing offers both. This isn’t an pure gardening episode, but it’s one gardeners will enjoy. I think you’ll agree, she has a thankful heart.

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How I make my website look like this

Beaver Builder

What would I do without Beaver Builder? Probably cry for a very long time. I'm not a coder. I'm not a professional website builder. With Beaver Builder, I save time and I don't need to know how to code.  Beaver Builder offers me powerful and flexible drag and drop design capability. I couldn't make my website look half as pretty on my own. So easy - even a 45 year old momma of four teenagers can figure it out.

CSS Hero

Just the other day, I asked a Facebook Group if any of them used CSS Hero in conjunction with Beaver Builder.  Turns out, lots of folks use CSS Hero because it is more tightly integrated with Beaver Builder. CSS Hero makes it possible for me to edit things and preview them live on my site - things I wouldn't be able to improve without lots of coding (text, borders, padding, margins, shadows, etc). So, for any customization, CSS Hero is the way to go. Think of it this way - Beaver Builder helps you easily drag and drop the structure and layout of your website and CSS Hero allows you to visually customize it (example: changing fonts, sizes, spacing, etc.).

Short Lil' Pieces of Advice


The handwriting is mine. I write it on my iPad pro in Adobe Sketch. Then I airdrop the image to my Mac.

From my Mac, I open the image in Preview. I crop it as close to the text as possible with the rectangular crop tool. (Crop is Command K).

Then I tap the cropped area with the Instant Alpha tool (looks like a magic wand) and hit delete. Now the background disappears.  I might have to go through and clean up the inside of loops, etc.

Now my handwriting is on a transparent background and it's ready to be uploaded to the blog.

I'm a firm believer that your blog should reflect YOU.

If you have no idea what you like, start by visiting other blogs and assess your reaction to colors, fonts, layouts, etc.

Blogs are a mix of science and art. You can find the technical information in so many places, but you need to spend time getting to know your own preferences so that your blog feels like home to you.

Still Growing...

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