Brighten Up with Spring Inspiration

You know how I love spending time in nurseries.

The last time I was there, I heard a woman tell her friends how uplifting it was for her to be there.

I know exactly how she feels.

Any time I’m feeling a little sluggish or need a burst of creativity, I get myself to a garden center is fast as possible.

It really is food for the soul any time of year – but, especially so, when you’re waiting for winter to wrap things up.

Today, I wanted to share with you some of the fabulous things that struck my fancy when I was in the garden center last week.

(And, I managed to find some treasures in the bargain area which always adds to the fun)

Forsythia, Please!  Forced Forsythia cuttings or silks – are absolutely scream Spring and look cheery in glazed pots on your front porch or indoors.

Forsythia Silks

Forsythia silks are so good these days – you really can’t tell the difference between the silks and the real deal.

Forsythia Silks 2

I had to share this last one because of the glorious urn.

Forsythia Silks 3

These are my favorite kind of rabbits…. faux.

Rabbit Trio

I’m not sure I’ll ever get over my passion for botanical prints.  This little fella was just $3. He’s perfect for gifting – nestled in a basket.

Little Leaf Photo


Jen would love this Frog thermometer…
frog thermometer


Here’s something I feel completely in love with – these simple footed vases with fern fronds and grapevine. I was tickled to find it in the clearance area.

Simple Fern Votive

I was thrilled to find an entire grouping. They had been $25 a piece – but were marked down to $7. I’m planning to use them for my Easter table scape – with some eggs tucked inside.

Fern Votive Grouping

The sweetest Spring blooms often come in very small packages. I thought this miniature egg cup creation was a perfect bedside accent and it was marked down to just $2.

Spring Egg Cup

I spied this elegant botanical print on glass at the back of the shelf. I love these types of frames – the glass makes it fit in any room because the painted wall becomes the background for the print. Brilliant!

Glass poppy picture

Roped baskets were all the rage last summer and this pair was probably left over stock. I love how the rope adds some texture and heft – but it also makes the baskets more functional. I hang mine from an S hook in the kitchen. One is for onions, the other for garlic.

Rope Baskets

Printed French boxes make for pretty storage. Check out the snowy background…. Springtime in Minnesota!

Grand Jardin box

These silks are so soft and inviting. Adding silks into your home decor this time of year softens the entire room. It also provides the placeholder for real blooms come May.

Inspiring Silks

These faux stone votives would look great on the patio this summer.

Faux Rope Votives

Repurposed drawers become beautiful storage options. Now I’m kicking myself for passing up a curbside dresser a few weeks ago.

Drawer Repurpose

I will do this DIY project this summer. Tea staining and gluing in the liners is pretty straight-forward – but I’ll probably use text from old garden books or pages from old encyclopedias featuring garden terms.  The text on these didn’t appeal to me. 

Drawer Lining

This one’s for my boys… Green Lantern!

Lantern Green

I splurged and bought these dish towels. Couldn’t resist.

French Dish Clothes

Here’s the hefty rope again – this time holding cute cupcake signage. 

Cupcakes Sign

A little garden art for your gazebo or shed…

Garden Art

Here’s my new office inbox. Now I have serious incentive to get to the bottom of my paper pile!


I’m convinced that anything with the lyrics to this song is appealing.

Sunshine Sign

I snapped this picture for some inspiration for our Easter Chalkboards. Wendy will be able to use this as a guide for drawing bunnies on our outdoor welcome sign.

Some bunny sign

These glass bird feeders were glowing in the sunshine.

Teal birdfeeders

Here’s a little eye candy for Emma – she loves yellow.

Yellow Containers

Finally, here’s another idea for your chalkboards – cute ways to say Adios!

Goodbye signage


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