In the Kitchen

Oven-Roasted Asparagus (so easy your kids can make it!)

Oven-Roasted Asparagus John prep cook 6ftmama blog

Asparagus is a great vegetable for kids to prepare and cook because it is so darn easy to make. John’s in 4th grade and he’s my little prep cook. Asparagus is the perfect vegetable to practice your knife skills on because it doesn’t slide around and it’s fairly sturdy. I always have the kids chop the asparagus…

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After School Snack Station

Lemon Pudding Cake Marked on Cake Plate with Expo Marker 6ftmama blog

This weekend we did absolutely nothing. As PJ announced on Friday after school, “It’s Relaxation Weekend!”  No basketball tournaments. No appointments. No gatherings. Just chilling at home. Which was fine and dandy until I realized we had no food in the house on Sunday night. So, before I walked Sonny, we ran to the grocery store…

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Pesto Trained and Certified baby.

Pesto Certified Harvesting Basil

It’s been downright chilly this week – but that hasn’t stopped the plants from growing. Everything is growing like gang-busters – including the lettuce and basil in the kitchen garden. It rained almost the entire day yesterday and I wanted to make pesto spaghetti for supper. The cold and the rain made it the perfect time to…

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St. Patrick’s Day Mini Pies

  In one of my earlier posts last month, I shared my cooking class experience at Kitchen Window. I attended the Spring Mini Pies class. For St. Patrick’s day, I transformed the Spinach and Feta Mini Pies into St. Patrick’s Day Mini Pies. By muting some of the stronger flavors and simplifying a few steps,…

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7 Ways to Preserve Your Herb Harvest

Hanging Herbs to Dry

In this post, I share 7 ways to Preserve Your Herb Harvest.
If you’re like me, you’ve spent the summer enjoying fresh herbs from your garden. But, did you know that there are many different options for extending the usefulness of your herbs?

Today, Shannon Slatton from my local Channel 12 News, dropped by to explore just how easy it is to preserve herbs and enjoy a significant cost-savings to boot.

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Leverage Bars (the treat that will make your kids do anything you ask!)

Leverage Bars (Monster Cookie Bars)

Monster Cookies – they’re nothing short of irresistable. Seriously, who can walk past a Monster Cookie without a slight hitch in their step. I came to a complete stop in the serving line when I saw these Monster Cookie Bars made by my dear friend, Diane Sullivan of Eagan, for her daughter’s graduation. They are just the perfect amount of gooey-ness and crunch and include all the standard monster cookie ingredients. Plus, bars are so much easier to make than the assembly line and babysitting services required by cookies. Once Diane emailed me the recipe, Emma and I flew to the grocery store to buy M&M’s so we could hurry home and make them. I’ve renamed them Leverage Bars – in honor of their power.

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Glory Pesto

Probably every cook has a pesto recipe. I know. But, I’ve honestly never found a pesto that I like better than the one I discovered at Chef and Instructor Jeff Sandino’s Italian Cooking Class a few years ago. I’ve taken to calling it Glory Pesto because every time I make it I want to fall…

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4th of July Fruit Pizza

Emma and Jess had fun making a 4th of July Fruit Pizza today. The berry crops have been especially good this year. I have a friend who owns a strawberry farm and the 2013 strawberry crop is fantastic. Jess had a friend who recommended this recipe.  I’ve had many fruit pizza’s, but I especially liked…

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Lucky’s house is awesome. It’s a drink dispenser from Goodwill.   And – I put faux ice cubes in the bottom. When I want to slowly add fresh water, I just pour out a bit of the old from the bottom. I use Lucky’s grey water on my plants and they love it! Lucky hangs…

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Recipe Girl’s Chocolate-Peanut Butter Swirl Cookies

Emma and Taylor baked up a storm yesterday. The boys were off doing their thing and they had a little time to kill in the kitchen. In a previous post, I shared our experience making Recipe Girl’s Butterfinger Brownies. They were amazing. We’ve been testing out some other cookbooks and having flop, after flop, after…

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Creamy Salmon Wonton Ravioli

In a previous post, I shared how lucky I am to have a neighbor and friend who invites me to her house for lunch a few times each month. Last week, she conjured up these Creamy Salmon Wonton Ravioli. This recipe was actually something DA whipped up as an appetizer for some out-of-town guests. When…

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Minnesota’s Bounty

Beth Dooley Minnesota's Bounty

Today I was super excited to get my copy of Minnesota’s Bounty by Beth Dooley. Beth will be on “Still Growing…” in June and I’m really looking forward to my talk with her. Minnesota’s Bounty is a gorgeous cookbook. I brought it to my Master Gardener dinner meeting and it caught everyone’s attention right away. Ironically, the…

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Recipe Girl Butterfinger Brownies

I have a passion for cookbooks. I recently bought The Recipe Girl Cookbook by Lori Lange after seeing something amazing from her on Pinterest (sorry- can’t tell you what it is just yet!!). Anyway, the very first item I made from the cookbook was the Recipe Girl Butterfinger Brownies.  Love! If you have a special…

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DA’s Signature Lunch

This past week, I had the pleasure of having lunch with my dear friend DA as she cooked for me in her kitchen. She invited me to watch her prepare her signature lunch; a one-skillet medley of awesomeness! I wish you could have been there – but honestly there wasn’t a speck left on my…

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