Jennifer’s Month

June 2017 Letter

Emma bakes rhubarb dessert

June 2017 | My recipe for happiness in June always includes making mom’s rhubarb bars, getting back into a groove with my garden practice, and planting tons of basil.  All of these simple pleasures represent the start of summer (and schlepping the kids to basketball camp – but let’s focus on living the dream!) My favorite…

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March 2017 Letter

Student Gardener Photo

This month I’m speaking at the Schoolyard Gardens Conference at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. My breakout session is called How to Keep Kids Engaged in the Garden: Lessons from My Experiences with Student Gardeners.

If I’ve learned anything from working with students over the years it’s this: they form their own unique connection to the garden.

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February 2017 Letter

Diane Christmas Card 2016

My plans of getting the Christmas tree down before the first of February were thwarted yet again.

When I told my mom that January had overwhelmed me, she said, “Well, dear, it’s just like when the kids were babies. You never got the tree down until Valentine’s those years either”.

Somehow that felt like vindication.

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December 2016 Letter

Santa is here 6ftmama blog

Many moons ago, twelve to be exact, we started this tradition of hosting an annual Christmas Celebration in our home.

I can trace back the origin to two events.

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November 2016

Birdhouse by Magnolia Fall 6ftmama blog

Surprisingly, this November has come in like a lamb. It’s hardly felt much like fall this year.

Truth be told, it’s been great to have the extra time to put the garden down for the winter. We’re going to have 70 degree weather for the first weekend in November. I’m still optimistic about power washing the deck before the snow flies…

Somehow I found time this week to take photos in the garden. I could hardly believe how good the potted annuals looked!

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The View From Up Here August 2016

The grapes are beautiful over the arbor right at this very moment.

August is a second spring and girl you know it’s true. Sorry – I’ve been mashing thoughts and lyrics together all day.
In the garden, most of the herbs are bolting.
Speaking of bolting, I’m just a little over a month away from having the four kids head back to school. They know it’s almost time for it, too. We’re at peak laissez-faire mode at our house. Any semblance of a bedtime has been completely shot to hell.

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May 2016

Blooming Korean Pink Lilac Tree

ay 2016 is starting out in the nicest way possible – with temps in the 60s and 70s; and even a hint of 80’s for the first Saturday of the month. Sadly, April ended on a cold and chilly note – but newsflash: the winter coats are officially washed and packed away and I’m not…

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April 2016

Magnolia blooming closeup

eady for Spring? I am. We’ve had a bit of a stuttered start to Spring here in lovely Maple Grove, Minnesota. April started with a return to colder temps after March went out like a lamb. Last week, crazy fierce winds blew the curtains right off the mounted brackets on the front porch of the…

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January Milestones

January Milestones New Paint on Stairs

Like so many of you, we’ve been taking a closer look at life – how we’re spending time, how things are changing, and what we’re hoping to accomplish in 2014. Outside, today’s good ol’ Minnesota blizzard conditions are the perfect backdrop for reflection. So, on this wintery day, I thought I’d share some of the…

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December 2013 Inspiration

Spruce Party Favor Close Up

I finally had a chance to zip through a few magazines this week and I’m sharing the highlights of my tear-outs for this month. So, if you didn’t catch your moment of zen for magazine perusing… no worries!

Here’s the best of best – in my opinion – and hopefully you’ll find something here that trips your trigger, too.

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October 2013 Photo Stream

Fall Door Swag

Every month, I make one last sweep through my photos on my Mac. Most of my photos get organized into events – birthdays, gardens, date nights, etc. All the leftover photos remain in the Photo Stream for that month. Here’s a look at some of the photos from the October 2013 Photo Stream.

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The View From Up Here: September 23, 2013

Owl Mug 6ftmama

The past week has been a frenzy of activity as the kids and I get ready for our trip to Boston to visit Phil.
At Everest Lane House this week, I’m slowing changing over the home decor to reflect the fact that Autumn 2013 is upon us.
In the garden, I’m starting my fall cleanup. I’ve trimmed back all the dying foliage, and I’m covering trouble spots with newspaper and mulch for a fresh start next Spring. I’ve got all my bulb catalogs in a nice pile by the sofa and next week, my Master Gardener friends are joining me for our first annual Fantasy Bulb Order. Think of it as a twist on Fantasy Football and you get the gist.

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August Gardening 2012

August is one of my favorite times to garden.  I have a handle on what worked, what I need to move and the biggest reason for me: the weather is getting cooler.  And, I’m a more decisive gardener in August.  All the pesky things I couldn’t muster energy for earlier in the season – the projects…

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