Creative Fairy Garden Containers

Creating fairy gardens is such a magical, energizing, and thoughtful activity. Re-purposing everyday items into creative fairy garden containers is just part of the charm of fairy gardening.

Emma and Grace Fairy GardenI am constantly inspired by the creative fairy garden containers that I see on Pinterest, on garden tours and at nurseries. Sometimes a fairy garden can breathe new life into tired or unused vessels.  These days, almost anything can be turned into creative container for a fairy garden. It’s a great way to bring Spring into your home

I think fairy gardening is a great activity to do with your children. In fact, this past weekend I took my daughter (11 years old) and her friend along to Tonkadale Nursery in Minnetonka, MN for a fairy gardening workshop. It provided a playful bonding activity for the girls.

Creative Fairy Garden Containers

There is no limit to the creative use of containers, vessels, or household items that can be converted into a fairy garden. I’ve seen coffee tables turned into couch-side terrarium fairy gardens, old sand boxes converted into an all-encompassing fairy world, and old wheel barrows used as moveable fairy gardens. It seems the unexpected use of these every-day items makes the scene even more enchanting.

One of my favorite ways to re-purpose items as containers is using old kitchen pots or vintage tea tins for my herbs. In the spring, I start my indoors fairy garden as a seedling garden for my herbs.It is so easy to tuck a fairy or some glitter into the soil. Sometimes just the hint of a fairy is as enchanting as seeing a fairy figure next to the plant. Once the herbs are established and the weather stabilizes after Mother’s day, I move them outdoors to my kitchen garden on the deck. Then I can either move the fairy items outdoors as well or put them in a new container with different plants.

Tonkadale Nursery does a nice job of demonstrating how to transform common items. They did a superb job of incorporating whimsy with an old toolbox, a mailbox, and an old wooden crate.  I feature each of them in more detail below:

Toolbox Fairy Garden

This old tool box, tools, and pipe parts were integrated into a fairy garden at Tonkadale. This was such a creative way extend the fairy theme without going overboard on fairy accessories. I always think the fairies look better when they are making their home in our world rather than a perfectly arranged fairy environment. I think this scene looks natural and believable.  There are only three purchased “Fairy” props: two fairies and a small bench. The rest of the scene is set using pieces of pipe, a rusty cutting tool, some washers for stepping stones and spigot knobs that stand in for mushrooms.

Fairy MailboxI love the way this mailbox gets a complete makeover with fairy garden elements.  This is a great example of using some miniature elements which hint at a fairy presence without actually displaying a fairy.  The floral screen provides a stopping point for the design so that it doesn’t have to extend too deeply into the mailbox.  Surprisingly the bulk of the plant material is fake.

Fairy Garden Grilling

This is a clever use for a wooden crate.  The graphics are so neat on old wooden crates.  If you see one at a junk sale, they are usually pretty cheap to buy.  Be sure to protect it with marine varnish and line it with a plastic liner. Tonkadale has been selling the little spruce trees in this scene just for people to put in their fairy gardens.  Obviously, they will eventually outgrow this container, but for now they are perfect.  They add an “up north” feel to this little grilling vignette.  Sometimes little touches, like the hand sewn pillows, really turn the piece into something special.  This would be a great gift for dad or grandpa for Father’s Day.

When my daughter was little, we used some of her Polly Pockets to set up a little Polly Pocket fairy garden in a cake pan lined with pea gravel. She loved being able to watch the garden grow on the windowsill in her room. Now, she’s an old hand at fairy gardening. It was fun to see her confidently share her love of fairy gardening with her friend this weekend.

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