DA’s Signature Lunch

This past week, I had the pleasure of having lunch with my dear friend DA as she cooked for me in her kitchen. She invited me to watch her prepare her signature lunch; a one-skillet medley of awesomeness! I wish you could have been there – but honestly there wasn’t a speck left on my plate or in the skillet. But, this post just might inspire you to give it a try.

DA’s Signature Lunch

DA’s the kind of gal who wants her friends to skip the part where you knock or ring the doorbell and instead just walk right in through any door and say “I’m here”.

When DA invited me to watch her go-to lunch standard, I jumped at the chance. DA is an effortless cook and a master hostess. Magic happens when you get to experience those two skills together.

I walked into DA’s kitchen to find she had already fired up her skillet.  She had filled a skillet with spinach, ham, turkey, mushrooms, potatoes, and a little pat of butter.  She just cooks everything together. skillet 1

DA buys this large container of spinach and uses it throughout the week with her skillet lunch.  The other ingredients change depending on seasonality, left-overs, etc. But, spinach is a constant. This is why I added a large spinach bed to my garden this year.


Two eggs fit perfectly in the space made in the skillet.  Only two minutes to chow time now.

skillet 2

DA varies this basic dish by eating it over ciabatta bun, or with a side of toast, or with no additional carbs.  Last week, she showed me the ciabatta version.  First, toast the ciabatta (from Trader Joe’s).  Then add butter and mayo.

skillet 1b

Then slip on the spinach.

Skillet 1c

Next, the cheese covered turkey.

skillet 1 d


The egg (my favorite).
skillet 1 e

Here’s my plate. DA is so good about garnishes. And, she’s an avocado aficionado. Say that three times fast!

skillet yellow plate

Here was the variation with toast on the side.  Check out the cute OJ glass.

Lunch shot


That was truly something amazing.all done


That was an amazing lunch. I love the easy clean up – one skillet, a plate, a fork, and a glass.  Plus, DA makes good use of her produce with this recipe and veggies couldn’t be more vogue than they are right now. Martha Stewart Magazine just declared them the “center-of-plate stars”.

DA’s going to come over next week and watch me take a crack at her signature lunch. In the meantime, check out what she left on my porch last week for lunch…
lunch bag

You guessed it, her signature one-skillet medley sandwich. It was divine!

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  1. Amy Putkonen on May 20, 2013 at 7:24 am

    What a great story. Sounds like you have a good friend there who has a lot of love in the kitchen!

    • 6ftmama on May 24, 2013 at 12:38 pm

      She is a doll. Thanks for stopping by Amy. One of these days we will have to have a coffee together!

  2. Creamy Salmon Wonton Ravioli on June 4, 2013 at 11:08 pm

    […] a previous post, I shared how lucky I am to have a neighbor and friend who invites me to her house for lunch a few […]

  3. Michele on July 9, 2013 at 4:07 pm

    I love this dish! So easy and quick. Thanks for sharing how she did it.

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