Fairy Gardening 2014: Clay Pot Kingdom

I found my inspiration for my fairy garden this year while attending a workshop at Tonkadale Garden Center this past weekend.

Fairy Gardening is one of the best ways to get kids – especially little kids – into the garden.

Each year, I try to pick a theme for the fairy gardens at Everest Lane House.

This year, I’ll be gardening in clay pots around the property and I’m calling my 2014 Fairy Garden “Clay Pot Kingdom”.

Here are the images and elements that inspired me to create Clay Pot Kingdom this year.

This was the first image that gave me the inspiration for Clay Pot Kingdom.

I loved the idea of using pots for all my fairy gardening this summer. It creates really clear boundaries and homes for the fairies and the vignettes. It also makes each scene more vertical and an added bonus… portable – if need be.

Clay Pot Kingdom 6ftmama.com

I like the fire pit element in this scene. My garden friend, Carmen, made a fire pit out of a bathroom tile. She removed the center circle and then filled the space with small sticks for firewood. It was enchanting.

Arbor in Clay Pot Kingdom 6ftmama.com

This clay saucer ladder really caught my attention. I’m hoping I can talk Emma and the boys into making a similar feature out of little chunks of some old wooden rulers. Won’t that be adorable?

Rope Ladder Clay Pot Kingdom 6ftmama.com

Here’s the fairy at the top of the ladder. She’s perfect for this vignette.

Fairy on top of ladder Clay Pot Kingdom 6ftmama.com

A couple of things from this scene are of note: 1. The consistent use of clay pots of all sizes – from fairy scale to human scale – bridging the two worlds. 2. The use of all kinds of rocks and pebbles to create a rich and varied backdrop. 3. Little drifts of moss tie each scene together.

Clay Pot Kingdom forest 6ftmama.com

Loved the lighting inside this little house. I’m going to dis-assemble a solar light to create a similar effect in one of the houses I plan to use this summer.

Front Steps Clay Pot Kingdom 6ftmama.com

The little mesh hammocks are a sweet and simple addition – just attach small eye screws to sticks and tie on the hammock.

hammock clay pot kingdom

This shot just reminds me to use a variety of river rock and to look for some small critters (like the rabbit below) in the souvenir aisle at Goodwill.

Stepping Stones Clay Pot Kingdom 6ftmama.com

Love the large boulders along the river in this scene.

Blue Rock River Clay Pot Kingdom 6ftmama.com

This wider shot shows the fence line and use of pebbles on the other side of the fence.

Bridge over Blue Rock River Clay Pot Kingdom 6ftmama.com

A great idea for my sleeping gnome and I love the little Barbie guitar.

Gnome in Hammock Clay Pot Kingdom 6ftmama.com

The little mushrooms add a whimsical touch of color.

Patios Clay Pot Kingdom 6ftmama.com

Here’s the same gazebo from before – only elevated to create a fairy loft.

loft clay pot kingdom 6ftmama.com

Cute color pop from the little blue pot…

blue pot clay pot kingdom 6ftmama.com

Again, the moss is tucked in every nook and the little clay pot cave is adorable.

moss cave clay pot kingdom 6ftmama.com

Nice to see a cactus in this scene as well as the blue pebbled pond.

pond clay pot kingdom 6ftmama.com

A gnome along a dry creek bed in Clay Pot Kingdom.

gnome clay pot kingdom 6ftmama.com

These little globe worlds were pretty sweet. I think I can find a similar class vessel – even a gold fish bowl or glass candy jar (sans the lid) and recreate a similar effect for much less than $60.

glass globe clay pot kingdom 6ftmama.com

I love the mix of house plants with the ferns and baby tears.

mushroom clay pot kingdom 6ftmama.com

What I especially loved about the Manor House was the use of landscape rock around the foundation.

Manor House Clay Pot Kingdom 6ftmama.com

Check out the different rock (again) as well as the vigilant pruning that is required to keep a fairy garden looking so sweet.

Pruning at Clay Pot Kingdom 6ftmama.com

The cat in the tree made me chuckle.

Cat in the tree clay pot kingdom 6ftmama.com

Here’s a clever addition – some silk flowers tucked in a window box. Great idea!  Easy to epoxy a small box to the side of your fairy house.

Flower Box Clay Pot Kingdom 6ftmama.com

Can’t wait to get started on Clay Pot Kingdom this Spring!


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  1. Alys Milner on April 10, 2014 at 5:20 pm

    I love fairy gardens. I’ve challenged myself to create mine from found objects whenever possible. My boys are now teenagers, but the neighbor next door has a day care, so my fairy garden gets regular visitors. Can’t wait to see what you create.

  2. Emma on November 17, 2014 at 4:12 am

    I’ve never heard about fairy gardens but I think that it’s an amazing idea to involve my children in the gardening. Thanks a lot for the article! Regards!

  3. Aimee Tolworth on September 21, 2016 at 8:44 am

    Amazing and Beautiful! I am decorating our front yard, so I can involve little fairies. Thank you! My kids will be surprised.

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