Garden Project 2: Outdoor Dining Room and Gravel Paths


So much got done in the garden today - it's hard to believe it all happened in just one day.

With the retaining wall repair completed, Kevin and Luke leveled out and lined the space for the Outdoor Dining Room.

They were able to reuse the landscape fabric that we had installed under the mulch last year - so that was great.


I thought I might be missing the arborvitae, but as it turns out, the space was so much better without them.

It ended up looking so much cleaner with the granite gravel in place.


This table is in the perfect spot - on the east side of the house and completely shaded after 1pm.

Finally, a spot that's not in direct sun all the day long - perfect for outdoor dining!


The paths got a fresh layer granite gravel, too. I forgot to take a picture of them - but it was just the thing they needed to be re-energized for this year.


Before I forget to mention, the magnolia along the driveway is almost done blooming.

It feels like the bloom lasted a little over a week - way too short!


There are few things as beautiful as the Magnolia blossom petals falling on the garden.


The Daffodils have started popping up this week as well.

As you an see in that photo above, now is my chance to cut down some of that wandering sumac - before the other perennials and shrubs disguise their locations.

Tonight, we have some much-needed rain. So this will probably be the last of the Magnolia bloom for this Spring.


Love the hosta - hate the creeping charlie.

I'll spend the rest of the week attacking the creeping charlie and the creeping buttercup, btw.

I'm going to go after it aggressively this year - aka pulling it out with hand weeders.

I waited until later in the summer to deal with it last year and it became a nightmare.


I think this is an Astilbe... time will tell.


Look who's back after following the UPS guy as he delivered a package to Harry across the street.

It's Mr. IjustgotgroomedsoI'mgoingtorollinthegrassandeveryoneshouldseemelookingthisgood.


After lunch it was time for my annual container roundup.

I pulled all the pots from the front and east side of the house and lined them up on the repaired retaining wall.

Tomorrow, I'll cull out the ones that need to go and get started on painting or repairing the keepers.


I've loved this pot as a centerpiece on the table for years.

It used to say "Gather ye rosebuds".

Now it's so worn, it pretty much is down to "Ga he Ro buds".

It might be time to say goodbye.


I moved Mr. Cat out of his perch by the porch so the peony had room to fluff out.

Sonny had to check him out.

Hey Sonny - Mr. Cat stays where he's supposed to...


Finally, the sprinkler system got turned on today.

My favorite irrigation guy - Jonathan, from Northwest Landscape - stopped by and we went through every. single. zone. It was a process but we came up with a few solutions to some long-time problem areas and I'll be sharing them in a future post.

In the meantime, Jonathan was telling me how dry the ground is all around Minneapolis. He's been working in yards in Eden Prairie, Minnetonka, Bloomington, etc. There's not a ton of moisture with the short and dry winter we've had.  


I can't close this out without showing you the Aphrodite head planter. She's destined for a new do with succulents....


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