Gardener’s Indoor Potting Room


No doubt about it – the garden bloggers all went crazy for this indoor potting room upstairs in the 2016 Bachman’s Spring Idea HouseThe idea was to incorporate a room where you could really flex your green thumb and up your vitamin N (nature) intake throughout the year.

It’s a little ironic how excited everyone got about this room because it was painted with Hirshfield’s 461 Calm Breeze.

There are so many fun details in this room with most of the charming accessories priced below $30 and actually available in the store. The galvanized metal slotted tray was one of my favorite pieces.


Actually, I had already purchased this tapestry at Bachmans weeks before my tour of the Idea House, so it was fun to see it on the tour (Hello friend!). It inspired me with an idea for a DIY hack of something similar for my garden workshops this summer.


I also really liked the metal stools under the potting island.  Viola! I have now just coined the term “Potting Island“- defined as an indoor potting station or bench.


Lots of botanical references and prints in this room.

And, terrariums – loads of them.  All shapes, all sizes, open tops, closed tops, etc.

Valerie Easton’s 2012 book Petal & Twig: Seasonal Bouquets with Blossoms, Branches, and Grasses from Your Garden  makes a pretty accent on a side table. It’s also a great guidebook that teaches some very useful tips on bringing all sorts of cuttings indoors.

Petal and Twig

Here’s a mind-blowing terrarium idea with some spring bulbs – Note: not a drop of soil! I love to get this sort of glassware at Goodwill.


In a room like this, there are so many details. I think Emma and I were in here taking pictures for a solid 20 minutes.

Clay pots – my favorite! So glad they included this staple in the room.

These vintage galvanized metal bins really got everyone’s attention. So many storage ideas with these…

I can never have enough scoops in my garden bins. I happen to prefer the 24 oz aluminum scoops for $7.25 from AmazonI keep mine outdoors all year long without a problem.


Aw… don’t wake kitty!

This sleeping kitty (not real folks) is a fun find for the kids who visit the Bachman’s Idea House.

More terrariums and clay pots… Note the layers in the Terrarium – (think like your making a layered dip for a party) – layer in gravel, soil, charcoal, different colored rock material, bark, polished stones, & moss – Delicious!

There are so many benefits to having plants in your house and having a dedicated room like this is a meaningful way to repurpose extra space (if you’re lucky enough to have it!).

Houseplants help make your house more homey because they add a living element and energy to any room. The health benefits of houseplants are not only improved air quality but also visual – they elevate mood.

And, there is a term for the love for and attraction to living things – biophilia.

We are hardwired to love nature – and we derive pleasure from taking it in through all of our senses.


A few garden essentials for the galvanized metal divided tote bin.


These burlap pillows were a nice touch.

And, then the plant cuttings in hanging bottle vases for $2 transformed the windows into a suspended greenhouse. I bought a dozen for my kitchen archway.



These ironwork panels were transformed into a magnetic bulletin board.

I like to see faux turf products used inside like they did on top of the radiator with these moss square panels.

Creatively, they brought the twig tower indoors for the winter and used it as a plant stand to hold plants and twine balls.



My only suggestion would have been to use burlap for the window treatments.

Oh – and I loved the repurposing of the hutch.  Lots of great ideas in this room!

Gardener's Indoor Potting Room (1)

Note: The Bachman’s Spring Idea House 2016 is open through April 17, 2016.

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