Gardening Resources on Craigslist with a Complete List of My Favorite Search Terms

Raised Bed Planter from Craigslist $25 6ftmama blog


Craigslist is such a great resource for gardeners. Did you know they have a farm + garden section?

Last week, I bought this fabulous 4’x6′ elevated garden bed for $25 from a fabulous lady named Francy. (I’ve never met a Francy who is anything less than fabulous – great name!) When this marvelous beast wouldn’t fit in the back of my van, Francy put it in the back of her Tahoma and followed me back to my house!

No joke. She even threw in the potting soil!

I was sooooooo excited to get it in place on the back patio.

Here it is… in honor of Francy… The Francy Bed!

Francy's Raised Planter Bed from Craigslist 6ftmama blog

I absolutely LOVE it!


But, in my eagerness to get it in position, I overlooked a few key things I had planned to do (so learn from my mistake!)

First, this elevated garden bed has a screen bottom to allow for good drainage and minimize wood rot.The Francy Raised Bed Garden Planter screen bottom 6ftmama blog

Unfortunately, by not lining the bottom first with some landscape fabric, soil started sifting out the bottom of the elevated planter bed. Dang.
The Francy Raised Bed Garden Planter Sifted Soil 6ftmama blog

All that beautiful work needed to be undone so it could be set up correctly. Gah!

Grumble. Grumble.

The Francy Raised Bed Garden Planter Removing Potting Soil 6ftmama blog

If I had left it alone, the drip-line would have made the erosion through the screen even worse and I would have had a continuous mess under this elevated garden bed. Plus, the additional evaporation from beneath the elevated garden bed would have made it dry out very quickly making it harder to control the moisture level.

This baby must be lined!
The Francy Raised Bed Garden Planter adding landscape fabric for liner 6ftmama blog I threw in some stakes (these are the landscape fabric staples I get) in preparation for the drip line install tomorrow.

Next, I added a cuphook to hold the galvanized metal chalkboard from Heidi’s Growhaus that I’ll hang from the side of the elevated garden bed.

The Francy Raised Bed Garden Planter Garden Stakes and Cup Hook 6ftmama blog

The chalkboard is going to help me track exactly what gets planted and when in the Francy Bed and it will help the kids track learn about time to maturity.

First up will be John’s radishes.

Francy Raised Bed Planter Garden Leaking Dropping Sifting Soil Screen Bottom 6ftmama Blog

I’m really happy to have another elevated garden bed.

Now there’s even more room to add vegetables and experience gardening at waist-level. Yaaaaassssssss!!!!!!!

The Francy Raised Bed Garden Planter lanes between planters 6ftmama blog


My other score this week was a potting bench for $55 and it also arrived with free delivery from the seller, Mark. Can’t beat that!

Mark’s wife decided to sell it after purchasing it on Amazon two years ago.  

Craigslist Potting Bench 6ftmama blog

They painted it this pretty gray. Love the color.

Mark even brought a paint can with some extra paint for touch ups. Aw….

Craigslist Gray Potting Bench Side View 6ftmama blog

I searched for this baby on Amazon (Potting Bench affiliate link) and they still sell it if you want to buy the exact same one.

It turns out – it’s foldable!! Even better for storing it away in the winter. 

Here’s how it looks folded up….

Foldable Potting Bench

Before you head out to do your own shopping on Craigslist, I thought I’d share my favorite saved search terms for garden resources on Craigslist. The dashes before the words help you rule out items that don’t fit my search criteria (so make sure you include the entire line of the search term in your search and then save your search to your account so you don’t have to re-enter everything).

Here’s My Complete List of My Favorite Search Terms for Garden Resources:


bird bath


smith hawken

bench -bath -shower -weight

bird feeder

plant stand

wicker -doll – buggy -bedroom -sleigh -basket -wheelchair -stroller

wrought iron

window box -conditioner -air -ac -ice -anderson -stained -film -truck -glass -blinds -door -oven -storage -car


arbor -saw -longboard -stub -pfaltzgraff -grinding -press -fly -tractor -blade -mill


garden – tiller -tractor -pit -firewood -chicks -trimmer -coop -toro -tilling -craftsman -cushman -cub

statue garden

urn – coffee – heavy – oriental – christmas – majolica

fountain -drinking -painting -soda -punch -desk -table -indoor


Happy shopping you guys!

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