Gardening with a Finger Cast

It’s been two months since my rose thorn injury.  It was time to get back into the garden.  Here was my innovative idea for how to garden with my cast; lop off the finger of the glove and cover the cast in painters tape.  Works brilliantly.
It takes no time at all for the weeds to take over and mother nature to reign natural chaos over the garden.  For the first time in the past twelve years, I’m finding I need to remove plant material – lots of it.  This is difficult for me.  I love all my plants and I pack them in tightly.  But it’s time for some redesign and also show some restraint.  Here’s my list of plants I’m nixing this summer…
Yarrow and Joe Pye weed.  These are self seeding all over the place. Culling out all the noobs.
Creeping buttercup.  This is one plant I wish I had never met.  Not easy to eliminate.
Giant Blue Lobelia. Another major seeder in my garden.  Very pretty but showing up in the worst places.
Russian sage – not a good fit along a narrow path.  Didn’t think that through.
One of the best things I accomplished yesterday with my student gardeners was the creation of my backyard teaching space.  I now have a fabulous teak table and chairs for five students for my fall garden classes.
My raised planter and pots are organized near the back deck.  I’ll use the raised bed for tutorials and potting.  The pots will be used for specimens.
Here’s a few more pics from the back studio on the bluestone patio.
To reclaiming control in the garden…

Still growing...

Jennifer Ebeling
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Jennifer Ebeling
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