Got Milk?


I store most of my clay pots under the deck. I like to line them with burlap and stack them by size – mostly because I think makes them more pretty to look at during the winter months.

Last week, Phil noticed a mother rabbit on the deck in the kitchen garden. The very next evening at dusk, I found her nestled in by the clay pots.


I’m pretty sure her nest is under the deck steps.

Every night around 7pm or so, she appears in the same spot under the deck steps. This means that the kids are totally on rabbit-watch after supper. Of course, I’m right there with them checking to see if she’s planning to stick around.

I can’t believe I’ve found a soft spot in my heart for her – but it’s there… I think it might be right next to the spot that makes me unwad everyone’s socks before I stick them in the laundry instead of shoving them in as is.


Emma and I have now taken hundreds of pictures of this momma rabbit.

It’s a tad shameful to admit (as a gardener) that I’m actually encouraging a rabbit, but I’m approaching it from a peaceful co-existence angle.

Awwwww. I mean seriously – she’s pretty cute.



Depending on the angle of her little face, it can sometimes look like she has a wee little milk mustache.


The kids have started yelling “Got Milk” when they see her under the deck.



This was her Easter photo shoot – don’t ya think she has tiny ears?


Just to add to the rabbit drama around here, have I mentioned that my neighbor had a fox in their yard last weekend?

Apparently, it’s Fox 1; Squirrel 0.  

So now we’re all terrified the fox will eat Got Milk and we won’t get to see baby rabbits hopping about the garden after all. (As if!)


While we’re on baby bunny watch, notice how nice and shiny green the Japanese Spurge stays all through the winter?

(In case you’re wondering, that’s the green ground cover next to Got Milk there.  The dead stuff is just old hosta leaves.)


Any ground cover that stays green and shiny through a Minnesota winter gets an A+ from me.

Another nice surprise was the pots of chives I neglected to replant in the fall.  Obviously, they made it through the mild winter just fine.

Hey, guys!



Of course the weeds are already looking pretty fabulous.



And, I see the periwinkle blue iris and the john creech sedum are already fired up, too.


Well that’s enough shop talk for today.


Here’s one last look at you know who…DSC_0085Resized

Still growing...

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