Greenhouse Poetry

At the end of every podcast interview for Still Growing… , I usually put together some out-takes. Sometimes it is funny false starts or moments that happen during taping. Other times, I record my children – reading poetry, telling garden stories, etc. These little micro-recordings have become a favorite part of my podcast. My kids are always very interested in learning about my guests. I know I will cherish the sound of them just as they are now at the end of nearly every podcast.

In honor of my interview with Shane Smith of, the kids and I thought it would be fun to close out the show with some original greenhouse poetry – specifically a few greenhouse haikus. You can hear the kids read them at the end of episode 507. Or, feel free to read along below.  We hope you enjoy our batch of 10 Greenhouse Haikus.

The New Greenhouse

1.  The New Greenhouse

Greenhouse honeymoon

stopped abruptly with gift plant;

an infestation.

Greenhouse Poetry

2. The Inconvenient Greenhouse

I built a greenhouse

far away from my front door.

Now, I use it… NOT!


3. Finally

I longed for a place

to grow tomatoes year-round.

Viola! A Greenhouse.

Lamb's Ears

4. Pests

Shoo, Greenhouse Pests!

White flies, Aphids, Spider Mites.

Sprayed water kills you.

Succulents 2

5. Plant Boss

Ruthless Gardening;

Farewell, Christmas Poinsettia.

Who’s the plant boss, now?

Hoya Bloom

6. Fish Emulsion

Fish fertilizer.

Powerful fungus killer.

You suppress disease.

Waking gargoyle

7. Microclimates

Hot, cool, warm and cold.

Microclimates pane to floor.

Don’t forget to vent…

octagon terrarium

8. Minnesota Greenhouse

Snow is falling down.

White makes the greenhouse warmer.

Minnesota… psych!

Minnesota Greenhouse

9. Plant Party

Greenhouse Gardening –

Spoiling Winter’s grip at last.

My plants party on.

pineapple plant

10. The Sans Greenhouse Gardener

My plants are dormant.

Clean garden gloves are paired up.

Spring will never come.

Garden Gloves

Still growing...

Jennifer Ebeling
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