Herb Shopping

Today was the perfect sunny day for herb shopping. I usually buy the herbs for my kitchen garden from the Friends School Plant Sale, but I missed it this year. Thankfully, Home Depot had a nice selection – plus they love it when Sonny comes with me. Let me show you what made it into my cart this year.

Herb Shopping

Any serious gardener will tell you that we are often guilty of over-buying when it comes to plant material. I have the best of intentions and some creative ideas, but then life happens – fatigue, kids, weather, priorities, unanticipated garden problems, etc.

Every year I do a better job of reigning myself in when a moment of plant lust strikes me. Occasionally, I give in to temptation, but I’m not the plant glutton I used to be.


SpinachThanks to my friend, DA, who copiously uses spinach in her daily lunches, I am planting a flat of spinach in my kitchen garden this year. DA sautés it in butter and uses it on her sandwiches. I love that it is late to bolt in heat. It’s packed with iron which is healthy for me, too.

Romaine LettuceI bought two packages of Romain Leaf Lettuce. I love incorporating Romaine lettuce into my spring salads. Of course, it is the main ingredient in Caesar salads – but I use it in a mix with red lettuce and swiss chard. My red lettuce crop will go in the lower raised bed garden and the swiss chard goes in containers on the patio.

Curled ParsleyI buy just one curled parsley for garnish purposes.

ParsleyI bought two flat italian parsley for cooking this summer. I won’t use more than that.
RosemaryI use Rosemary for a few chicken dishes, but I mainly use it for letter writing. Rosemary is the herb for remembrance, and I like tucking a little spring in with a card.

Sonny Herb ShoppingLook who wants to finish herb shopping so he can get a treat at the paint desk?

DillDill is my favorite herb after basil. I love the fragrance. It is great on fish and I just took a fish cooking class (more on that later this week!). Butterflies love dill, too. I pop dill into my flower beds. It self seeds occassionaly and it’s so fluffy it never feels out of place.

sweet basil

Here’s my favorite – sweet basil. So fragrant and sooooo good in my Glory Pesto recipe. I’ll share it with you during the first week in June with my first basil harvest. It is really the star of my kitchen garden.  I bought a dozen plants.

Still growing...

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