Job Preview Guide: Planning the Home Tour

The Home TourReady to start work on your job preview guide? I am.

I’ve completed and revised my own many times over the past 13 years.  Now… it’s time to start yours.

Job Preview Guide: Planning the Home Tour

Do you remember, last week I asked you to think of a time you forgot to tell your nanny something?  By planning your home tour with your JPG (Job Preview Guide), you are minimizing the chance you will forget to share an important or useful detail about your home, kids or rules.

By using the JPG and conducting the home tour, you save money and time by not rushing through a home tour during their first day on the job.  You know they have been informed of everything they need to be a great nanny in your home.

Why should you conduct a home tour with your babysitter or nanny? I share 3 compelling reasons to give a home tour in this post.

The biggest benefit of having a JPG and planning for the home tour is that you set the stage for coaching and feedback. You are showing how you plan to work together in the future.

Babysitters are not mind-readers, super heroes or magicians.  They don’t know how you wash whites unless you show them.  They don’t know that you fold your socks instead of rolling them, unless you share that up front.

In addition to showing and telling them how you want things done, you need to anticipate accidents and discuss how you want to handle them. When you leave someone else in charge of your home and children, you just know that some trouble or problem will eventually arise.

How are you going to handle finding out that crayon accidentally got washed and dried with your husbands brand new undershirts?

What if you discover a huge scratch on your washer without an explanation as to why?

Establishing upfront how you will work with them, handle tough situations, and exchange feedback tells them a lot about you.  It reassures them that you are expecting good communication and input from them on every situation.

Again, use the home tour and your time in each space to talk about how you want to work together.  Here are some examples”

In the laundry room:  “Until we can spend some side by side time together, don’t worry about folding laundry.  I’d rather show you how I do it than redo any of your work.  Besides, right now I’m very happy if you can just help me get the laundry clean.”

In the kitchen: “If a glass breaks, I’d like it if you’d text me and then keep the kids out of the area.  After they are asleep, if you get a chance to clean it up with the broom, that would be awesome.”

In the office: “This is where we will debrief at the end of the day.  I want your feedback on behavior and challenges as well as household duties.”

So, your homework this week is to think of the show, tell, verify and coach opportunities in EVERY room of your house.  You can use the STVC (Show, Tell, Verify & Coach) printable to help you organize your thoughts. This document will help you draft your own JPG.

Next week, we are walking through my personal JPG.  Plus, I’ll have some more ideas and situations for you to consider as you get ready for interviews.

In the meantime, I’d like you to think of your home like it’s a grocery store.  Where are linens?  Where do you stockpile toilet paper?  How is medicine organized?  Where is the spare key to the minivan? Where do you put a full garbage bag? Where is the replacement bottle of ketchup?  You get the idea.

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