July 2013 Photo Stream

This week marked the end of July – a month that flew by for me. Admittedly, I recognize that organizing a garden tour for 1,000 people with 15 presenters spread across four different garden locations probably had something to do with the fact July sort of got away from me.

When I looked back at my photo stream, did I see some moments I could have spent more time relishing? Absolutely. I have lived long enough to know that it’s important for me to take time to enjoy the happiness in my life. As I scanned through the photos my family had taken on all our various devices, I realized I missed hanging out time with my family and friends in early July and then needed the back half of July to recover from all the hard work that went into the garden tour. But, I’ve got my groove back now and it’s freeing to be able to plan the next three months with my big projects all behind me.

So, to close out July, I thought I’d do a little July 2013 Photo Stream Review. I’ve curated the photos from the month that didn’t get posted about or that really captured some of the non-gardening adventures that made up July 2013.

Will and Miss Mani

My dear friend and neighbor, Miss Mani, returned home from two months in India (thanks for the beautiful bracelet!). We both thought Will had grown a ton while she was away. Mani lost some roses this Spring, so Will came over to dig one out for her. It is so good to have her back home.
John Collar Bone

Johnny and PJ are out shooting hoops on the driveway every day. They get in a few heated fights from time to time. This month, John decided to run PJ over with his bike after a little scuffle on the driveway. He made a sharp turn with his bike on the front lawn, lost control, fell, and landed on his chest. He separated his shoulder and fractured his collar bone. Later, when they had a moment alone, I overheard them both crying – apologizing to each other and telling each other I love you.

Emma Takes over Sonny Care

Emma continues to take on more responsibility around the house. Last month, I showed her how to give Sonny his flea and tick medicine and his heart worm medicine. This month, she did it with supervision.

Celebrating with Jen

My dear friend, Jen, and I nabbed some fun lunches with the kids this month. We model our own friendship so well that our kids feel instantly at ease when our families get together.

Will and Dad go Fishing

Will and my Dad had the adventure of their lives when they got to go fishing up on Lake of the Woods. They stayed at Arneson’s Resort, went out on a guided fishing tour, and Will ended up catching the biggest fish.

Growing Bangs Out

Through all the ups and downs of July, Phil and I still kept up with our regular date nights. Btw, one of the downs of July was my hair. I was way overdue for a foil and my bangs would do absolutely nothing. As you can tell from the photo above, this was the week I was considering growing my bangs out. That thought didn’t last very long.

Date Night with Sullivans

We managed to catch up with our dear friends, the Sullivans. We love Amore Victoria’s rooftop for after-movie drinks and conversation.

Date Night at Burch

Phil took me to Burch restaurant in Minneapolis. Mike and Diane met us there and then we went to see “The Way Way Back” movie which we all absolutely loved. It was a fun night.

Days to HarvardWe are counting down the days to Phil’s trip to Harvard. He will be attending a program there this fall. The kids and I are very excited for him and we are learning a little bit about Harvard and New England at the supper table each week.

Speaking of countdowns, the end of July really marks the beginning of countdowns – the end of summer, the beginning of school, the first cool day (which we freakishly had the last week of July). I can’t believe I feel a little behind already  – especially when it comes to school shopping and cleaning up the garden. But, even though the summer days are dwindling down, we have plans for catching some lakeside sunsets, watching a parade or two, and eating smores by the fire on Bonfire Thursdays at our house. August is fully before us – and there’s still time to soak in summer fun.

That’s the view from up here this week.

Still growing...

Jennifer Ebeling
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