Life with PJ

Life with PJ is exciting.

Every minute of the day, he’s doing boyish things – many of which are gross and/or annoying. Like when he accuses our minivan of farting EVERY TIME we drive over rumble strips. To him, all the napkins, paper towels and toilet paper in this house are just options – not necessities. (There are more specific examples, but I’ll spare you…)

PJ will turn 10 years old next month. He’s at the peak of his boyhood.

PJ 6ftmama

And yet, he’s so curious about life as an adult.

  • Last month, he tried to shave in the shower and cut himself right under his nose. He ended up with a Band-Aid mustache that weekend.
  • He prefaces many things with “When I’m a man“. He’s got big plans for cologne, cars, and ladies. (Nothing about an 80-hour-work week, mind you.)
  • Last night, he had his first case of heartburn and he thought he was going to die. He was so miserable. He asked me if Dad ever cried when he gets heartburn. I said “yes” hoping it would make him feel better about his own tears.

Indeed, PJ has a tender heart. He is also very direct. And, that combination of candid compassion can sometimes be oddly shocking. In the same way that 2-year-olds can probe into areas well beyond their years, PJ will charge headlong in places angels fear to tread.

Last night, as I’m sitting up with him in bed (’cause there’s no laying down with heartburn), he tearily assured me he would attend my funeral. He also vowed to make me a grandmother.  Uh…thanks?

Today, he was on an urgent mission to find a journal or diary. Emma found an extra notebook for him and he squirreled it away up in his room.

Thinking that was the end of it, I was surprised to find it laying on the kitchen counter after getting John home from school.

Dear Diary 6ftmamaTo an almost 10-year-old boy, this is exactly the kind of urgent information that must be documented immediately.

And, to this 43-year-old Momma, (who fell asleep sitting up next to that boy around 2am), it’s a classic example of life with PJ and positive proof he’s still my sticky, sweaty, loving little boy… for now.

Still growing...

Jennifer Ebeling
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  1. Amy Putkonen on October 23, 2013 at 3:16 pm

    Sounds like you are a lucky mama! Boys are fun. I just have the one daughter, but boys would be fun too. My daughter is 12, so they are fairly close in age.

  2. Ailee Nelson on November 18, 2013 at 7:35 pm

    I am so fortunate to have my own stories of PJ which I will treasure and hold close until I can find the perfect time to share them (maybe his wedding reception)!! Oh there will be lots more stories. I am thankful that PJ and my son, Matthew are BFFs:) love your writing Jennifer!

    • Jennifer Ebeling on November 21, 2013 at 10:04 pm

      Thank you, Ailee!
      PJ loves Matthew. As you and I know, finding such a great friend and then having that friendship last through the years is a very special gift. Those two come up with some pretty crazy ideas, so there will be plenty of material by the time they finally settle down… We need to find some very capable (and determined) women for daughter-in-laws. I’m thinking arranged marriage is probably the only way.

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