The Living Room at Bachman’s Spring Idea House 2016


In contrast to the whimsy and playfulness of the front porch, the living room at the Bachman’s Spring Idea House 2016 illustrated how to mix the spring color pops with sophistication against the gray neutrals in the textures and pieces in the room.

The living room, like the Master Bedroom and the Dining Roomwas painted with Hirshfield’s Number 573 Chinz which is in the gray family in case you’re wondering– I know pictures aren’t always the same as seeing it in person. I think it looks a little green in these pictures.

There is lots of repeatable inspiration and seasonal trends in this room.

First, look to incorporate a neutral backgroundBachman’s worked with Hirshfield’s to select a palette of gray tones throughout the house. Then, look to add coral pieces to add that pop of Spring and energy into the room.

Second, consider incorporating vintage or industrial pieces into your design mix.

This vintage wheel cast turned coffee table is grounded with grey cast iron legs and refined with the beveled glass topper.

Apothecary jars, which are still very popular, emulate terrariums with the moss balls and permanent coral stems.


Inside the fireplace, an outdoor fountain and light-up outdoor garden globes bring energy and warmth to the space.


And, now to my favorite piece – this massive bookcase.


Love the shelve staging here…


Emma took this next picture – there’s me on the right and I’m trying to set my camera’s ISO for this room.

Check out the bookcase here – they removed a drawer (or maybe it broke – who knows?) and turned that space into magazine storage. Yas!!!!!!!!!

Love the horse head. Great profile on this guy.DSC_0227Resized

And, this was a clever idea: a ceiling medallion was added to a bird-themed wall clock.


This rolling steel firedoor is another example of an industrial vintage piece that has new life as a wall panel and backdrop for hanging glass votive cups used as floral vases or filled with pebbles and candles.IMG_2918Resized


Behind the apothecary jars, a salvaged radiator drip-tray (another vintage and industrial piece) is repurposed as a candle tray and filled with botanical orbs and moss.


Here’s a few more pics showing the pops of coral –

Coral pop 1:

Coral pop 2…

BTW – I thought this nesting table was very sweet.
DSC_0211ResizedNote: The Bachman’s Spring Idea House 2016 is open through April 17, 2016.

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