Master Bedroom Spa Retreat at Bachman’s Spring Idea House


I think the only thing missing from the master bedroom at the 2016 Bachman’s Spring Ideas House was some spa music for added ambience. I just discovered the other morning when I was trying to go back to sleep that I could ask Siri to play spa music and of course she did – which was fantastic – and off I went, back to sleep –  so yeah for me!

The master bedroom, like the living room and the dining room, was painted with Hirshfield’s Number 573 Chinz which is in the gray family in case you’re wondering– I know pictures aren’t always the same as seeing it in person.

The theme for this room is all about balance and Bachman’s pulled this off with the tones and textures in the bedding, furniture and accents.  The room had a very tranquil vibe with lots of elements I’m drawn to – including the bird cage below.

This is how I hang so many things in my house– I don’t worry about centering perfectly – rather, I think about where the item needs to be placed relative to everything else on the tabletop

I love how the designers used the birdcage as a candleholder. I also like the little touches like keeping the books in the same genre: home design.

Hey and before I forget to tell you – There are lots of little places where ribbon is added in this room to soften the accents. You’ll notice it on the candles.

I love iron work and I love the hook for the birdcage. And I didn’t notice until I was writing this post but it’s a little ironic that there is a bird on top of the bird hook holding the bird cage. Stickin’ it to the cage, eh?

More pussy willow in this room which, of course, is quintessentially Spring. 


There are loads of vintage signature pieces in this room. Here is a salvaged window that has been turned into a decorative wall shelf. This item would be a unique one-of-a-kind piece available only at the ideas house if someone wanted to buy it. These things can be picked up after the open house is ended.

Sweet little tabletop here by the bed – I like the shape and color of the vintage clock. 

I especially like the tiered metal table which I’ll show you in the next picture. Great close-up of the bedding here – really liked the texture here.


Another great idea that I think so many people use these days, is incorporating baskets as extra storage in the bedroom. So easy and so functional.


Here’s a question for you…

Guess what the bedside table is made of?
DSC_0095 (1)

Not kidding – it’s a concrete Bird bath with a glass topper on top. Ingenious!

The little picture frames are popping up in boutiques all over– Love the vintage field and the muted tones.


Oh wired baskets how I love thee.

The trick is finding the right thing to store inside them. I use mine to hold old letters.

In this case, wired baskets are used to hold vintage photos… Hi Gram!

And, here’s another touch of ribbon zipped through another wired box serving as a jewelry box.

There’s beautiful artwork in this room. Great selection here by the Bachman design team– This piece really set the mood for the room.

DSC_0106 (1)

Here’s a wide shot of that art piece so you can see how it was positioned over a low-profile desk in the room.

I know it looks really blue here but it’s actually more truly represented in the above pictures with the brown tones.

Note the table runner used as chair decor.

BTW Great lamps!

Here’s just another quick shot of the Bird cage and the iron hook.


As in the dining room, here’s another example of a multiple mirrored wall.


The shelved baskets make me want to go home and reorganize all of my purses and wallets and belts and scarves. Just when I thought it was done – more Spring cleaning – what every Mom wants to hear.

It’s actually not so bad with some Spa music.

Hey Siri….

IMG_2862 Note: The Bachman’s Spring Idea House 2016 is open through April 17, 2016.

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