Milbrandt Gardens Private Tour

The night after the garden tour, we celebrate with all the volunteers, presenters, homeowners and their family and friends. Monday night, we started at the Peterson Garden, then the LifeGARDEN, and we wrapped up with a Private Tour of Milbrandt Gardens.

We made it to Milbrandt Gardens around 7:30pm. Author Joel Karsten also stopped by to see Milbrandt Gardens which he dubbed a “mini-arboretum”. Roz took us through the gardens personally and answered a new round of questions by her guests.

Sunset is really the prettiest time for photos in this garden. As if five hundred photos of this garden aren’t enough, I managed to take a few more shots of this beautiful garden. There is always something new to see at Milbrandt Gardens. I thought you’d enjoy seeing some of the pictures from the private tour Monday night.

Milbrandt Gardens Private Tour Photos

In front of Roz’s Corcoran home lies the impressive bloom of these fabulous hydrangea.  “We stake them when they first begin to grow so that they don’t flop apart with the heavy blooms,” Roz says as she greets us for the private tour. The hydrangea offer just a hint of the splendor that awaits behind her home in Milbrandt Gardens.

Daisies need sunshine, water, and good drainage to thrive. Take a look at the impressive display of Shasta Daisies which happily return year after year to their home by the stream garden.
Daisies along the stream bed

I’ve never been a big fan of Spirea, but in Milbrandt Gardens, their repetition elevates this ubiquitous shrub into a statement plant on the property. It didn’t hurt that they were in full bloom, either!

A special part of the garden, the Memorial Garden features a cement motor boat in honor of Roz’s late husband. “The man who designed this boat planned all winter long before he put this together for me. He even took a mold of a motor,” Roz says. And yet, the boat didn’t feel complete until the dock was made – anchoring the boat to it’s home in Milbrandt Gardens.
Cement Motor boat in the memorial garden

Master Waterscaper Bill Osmundson, helped install the stream garden for Roz. Little nods to this part of the garden can be found in the ornaments that nestle by the stream, like this cast iron starfish.
By the stream garden

One of the best displays of mass plantings I have ever seen – Roz has thoughtfully planted almost nine acres of garden in such a way as to make it feel intimate and natural.
Drifts behind the memory garden

The sun cast a golden hue over the back side of the Memorial Garden. I had never explored beyond the dock and was surprised to find even this part of the garden did not disappoint.Behind the memory Garden

Healthy coreopsis in robust clusters can be found throughout Milbrandt Gardens.Coreopsis

Yarrow is spectacular when planted in mass and the color variations – from raspberry to pale pink – in this yarrow elevate a hardy (and often under-appreciated) perennial to something spectacular.

Even loosestrife is allowed in the garden – though it is ruthlessly controlled throughout the growing season.Loosestrife along memory garden

One of the unique planting combinations is featured in the lily bed. Years ago, Roz’s daughter-in-law wanted lilies for her wedding. Roz set to work – planting a hugh variety of lilies and intermingling the plants into two large lily beds that flank the path outside the potager garden. The result is quite captivating as you can see in the next four photos.
Lily mix

Lily Mix 2

Lily Mix 3

Lily Mix 4

I don’t think I’ll be able to plant a clump of one variety of lilies together again after seeing Roz’s lily beds.

The statuary in Milbrandt Gardens was selected for it’s appeal to Roz’s five grandchildren. “The week before the tour, we cleaned and prepared each statue. Then, we put bags over their heads until the morning of the tour. The birds can mess them up in a single day. We wanted them to look amazing for the visitors and they did,” Lindsay says. Lindsay has been helping tend Roz’s garden for almost eight years.
boy and dog statue

An apple orchard lines the back half of the potager garden, but they can also be found throughout the property. “In the spring, the blossoms make the garden come to life,” says Roz.
Apple Tree

Here’s a trick my friend, Mary Lynn, noticed about many of Roz’s beds. She plants staggered drifts of a similar color together. The overall effect is powerfully pleasing to the flow of her design. In this way, Roz is able to introduce many different plant specimens without creating visual havoc in her gardens. As you can see in the photo below, the wishing well is surrounded by a sea of different yellow flowers but the singular color provides a resting place for the eye.
Yellow bed by the wishing well

Control and abundance are two aspects of gardening that Roz has mastered. The Potager Gardens small beds are packed with a mighty harvest. Tender lettuce spills over the edge of the triangle-shaped bed.
Lettuce bed

The wide gravel paths provide a natural permeable system for water but also allow room for maneuverability in the Potager Garden.Potager
The Monarda or Bee Balm was in full bloom during the private tour. They smelled heavenly.monarda

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