Lynn Gendusa A Forgetful Daughter's Walk on a Sunday Morning on the Still Growing Gardening Podcast 6ftmama blog

SG567: The Legend of the Dogwood Tree an Easter Special with Lynn Gendusa

I'm pretty sure I experienced a divine alignment the day I discovered Lynn Gendusa's column in the LaGrange Daily News. I had the distinct pleasure of reading her Easter column a few days ago. In an instant, I was completely taken with Lynn's story of self-awakening - it was an Easter hunt of sorts. Buried in the tasks of daily life, Lynn had become what she calls "A forgetful daughter". In the story, Lynn shares the legend of the Dogwood tree and her description of the tree she discovered on her walk is simply beautiful.
Jenny Prince American Meadows on the Still Growing Gardening Podcast 6ftmama blog

SG566: Getting the Help You Need in the Garden with Jenny Prince of American Meadows

Are you needing to find help with your garden this year? Have you ever tried to find neighbor kids or local students to help out? Over the years, I’ve worked with lots of kids in my garden. And with my upcoming surgery, I’ll be needing help again. But how can you find good helpers and…
Ingredients to Look for When Shopping for Organic Soil with Mark Highland

SG565: Cultivate Happier Plants Using Organic Soil with Mark Highland

Are you an organic gardener? Do you use organic potting soil? Back in 2006, the idea of organic potting soil would have been an emerging area in the world of horticulture – but it was a question and a concept that Mark Highland had been thinking about for a while. Mark Highland is known as…
Jodi McKee Herbalism on the Still Growing Gardening Podcast 6ftmama blog

SG564: Grow Your Own Apothecary with Herbalist Jodi McKee

Jodi is the creator of Inspired Living Home Body Spirit. She started her study of herbs over 15 years ago. Jodi is the soulful mother of three boys. Her specialties include: herbal consultations, hand-crafted herbal remedies, energy healing, herbal instructional classes and inspiration. Herbs are some of the easiest plants to grow. In fact, I…
0 Ways to Engage Kids in the Garden

SG563: 10 Ways to Engage Kids in the Garden

How do you get kids interested in gardening? That’s a question I get asked often. It’s a big question, because kids are pretty sophisticated these days. Their lives are fast-paced and they process information just as quickly. Indeed, they are growing up in the age of acceleration. So when it comes to fostering a love…
Trevor Johnson Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital Greenhouse on the Still Growing Gardening Podcast 6ftmama blog

SG562: Resident Farmer Trevor Johnson Discusses Organic and Hydroponic Greenhouse Gardening

Trevor Johnson is the Resident Farmer at the Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital in Michigan. In 2012, the hospital launched an organic greenhouse with the main goal of feeding the sick patients. Little did Trevor know, the hospital’s greenhouse has become a community center where Michigan residents can take cooking classes right inside the hospital.…
Bringing Farms to Schools in Oregon with Rick Sherman

SG561: Bringing Farms to Schools in Oregon with Rick Sherman

Rick Sherman was hired by the Oregon Department of Education in 2012 as the Farm to School/School Garden coordinator after working for 32 years for a food service management company. The last 20 of those years have been spent as a Director of Nutrition Services in Eugene, Albany and Dallas (Oregon). Rick is a Master…
Turn Compact Spaces into Successful Market Farms with Josh Volk

SG560: Turn Compact Spaces into Successful Market Farms with Josh Volk

Josh Volk is a farmer turned inventor and author.  In his book, Compact Farms: 15 Proven Plans for Market Farms on 5 Acres or Less, Josh profiles the winning strategies and systems that transform these unique compact spaces into successful growing operations.  During our chat, Josh personally guides us through every single farm – all…
Amp Up Your Gardening Skills (5 Ways You Can Get Started Today)

SG559: Amp Up Your Gardening Skills (5 Ways You Can Get Started Today)

I was having a chat with a woman a few weeks ago who asked me about becoming a better gardener. I asked her how long she had been gardening, and she said five years. Looking embarrassed, she sort of looked down at the ground; as if this was not enough time to qualify her as…
Finding Joy in The Garden with Neil Foster

SG558: Finding Joy in The Garden with Nell Foster

Nell Foster’s garden blog, Joy Us Garden, celebrates all things garden as she shares her passion for plants, pruning, and the great outdoors! Nell recently packed her bags and moved to Tucson, Arizona after living in Santa Barbara, California for over 30 years. I love Nell’s perspective after working almost two decades in design and landscaping. Nell also has a fun YouTube channel which is filled with lovely DIY tutorials.
Megan Cain 300 on the Still Growing Gardening Podcast 6ftmama blog

SG557: Gardening Challenge: Grow and Preserve a Year’s Worth of Food with Megan Cain

Megan Cain never touched a vegetable plant until the summer she turned 26. Today, Megan shows people how to successfully grow their own food and get the most from their vegetable gardens. Megan trains gardeners through her business, The Creative Vegetable Gardener, and is the author of several books including the book we dive into today: Super Easy Food Preserving.
Straw Bale Gardens Cambodia

SG556: Joel Karsten Helps Farmers in Cambodia and How Straw Bale Gardens Solves the Toughest Growing Challenges

Joel pioneered his now popular method of Straw Bale Gardening almost 25 years ago. The author of Straw Bale Gardens, Joel receives letters from grateful gardeners from around the globe. Cambodia’s agricultural challenges are many including yearly flooding and drought with temperatures in the summer well over 100 degrees. In April of last year, Joel was invited by the Korean Trade Partners (KOTRA) to Cambodia to teach Straw Bale Gardening using plentiful Rice Straw. By mitigating challenges and leveraging the ingenuity of the agricultural community, Joel’s method is increasing self reliance and improving food security for Cambodians.


The View From Up Here This Month

Fall 2017 |

Capital M

My son, Will, is graduating from high school this year. That means I'm trying to slow down and savor my time with him - usually while quickly blinking the tears out of my eyes. 

He had his senior pictures taken last week with the uber talented Jan Vokel. It was fun to see him enjoy the photo shoot and it was a thrill to scout Jan's locations around town.

Watching Jan reminded me how important it is pay attention to good backgrounds. Textures, paint, patterns, natural elements - all of these - played a role during the photo shoot that chilly afternoon. If you're feeling like you're in a shooting slump - I'd like to encourage you to change up your backgrounds. They can bring new energy to your work and subject.

- - - - - -

We received a lovely gift of wine this month and it happens to be one of our favorites: Domain de Cala Prestige. 

Not only does it meet my wine criteria - not too dry, not too sweet - it's beautiful. I think it's especially gorgeous on the Autumn table and into the holidays.

- - - - - -

Last month, I had the rare opportunity to meet a guest on the podcast in person! I was thrilled to have a lovely lunch with Marta McDowell, author of All the President’s Gardens and The World of Laura Ingalls Wilder.  

After chatting about a number of topics (gardening, of course!), we discovered we both have a soft spot for embroidery. Marta showed me a lovely apron she picked up during her time in Wisconsin for her book tour. I showed her the beautiful towel set I picked up during my time in Sioux Falls.

By the way, if you'd like a set of these for yourself, you can reach out to Young and Richards in Sioux Falls at  A Set of 7 tea towels if $42 and they are made by the owner's mother. They are lovely.

- - - - -

Emma has a friend who is a photographer and she took this fun picture of Emma this week. Look at that mane of hair!

I think it was Hawaiian Day at school that day.  

- - - - -


Here are some pumpkin photo shoot tips:

  1. Leave lots of stem on the pumpkin.  The stems add dimension and interest.  They curl around, they are a perfect color contrast, and shooting from the top is always better with a nice chunk of stem.


2. Shooting pumpkins at eye level is the perfect height for framed photos, fall art, and cards. 


3. Group diverse pumpkins together and include at least one traditionally colored pumpkin (orange) to highlight the color variations and textures. Creeping Jenny always looks great next to pumpkins.


- - - - - 

One of the most popular episodes of the Still Growing Gardening Podcast was released in October and it was the show I did with Kylee Baumle on How to Save the Monarchs.

Many people remember days when kaleidoscopes of monarchs were a common summer and early fall occurrence. It's our nostalgic sense of wonder and affection for the monarch that has lead so many of us to grow milkweed - even in our front yard!
- - - - - 
Toward the end of summer, I recorded a show on hygge - the Danish term for coziness and comfort.
Fall marks the beginning of high hygge time here in Minnesota.  We're having a chilly Fall - perfect for fires, smores, and blankets.
It's also the time of year when I break out the carnival glass.
The coppery shimmer of carnival glass is the perfect jewelry for a drink tray or harvest table. I always serve sparkling grape juice for the kids in the petite carnival glasses. I don't think they associate drinking kiddie champaign with any other type of glass. To Tradition!
- - - - - 
Don't forget to incorporte ornamental grasses into your fall planters.  This one is my favorite. Doesn't it remind you of Rapunzel?
Wishing you a lovely Fall!
Still Growing,
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Cheryl on Facebook Email Cheryl Seed Saver Extraordinaire and co-author of The Complete Guide to Saving Seeds: 322 Vegetables, Herbs, Fruits, Flowers, Trees, and Shrubs, Cheryl Moore-Gough is on the show today. Cheryl is going to help us learn how to save our seeds to use in next year’s garden, to share with our fellow…

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