Real Simple Halloween Garland

I get so much magazine reading done in the minivan while I’m waiting for the kids.

Yesterday, I snagged the October Real Simple from the mailbox and headed off to Basswood Elementary to pick up the boys.

I zip through my magazines pretty quickly. But, this photo inspired me to make my own Real Simple Halloween Garland. Real Simple made theirs out of these adorable postcards which cost $1.50 each.

Instead of ordering the postcards, I made my own using some clipart I found online and some index cards.  

Let me show you how I did it…

First, Wendy, helped me print and enlarge the clipart. She colored them in with a black sharpie and then had the kids help her make the legs a tad more ookie by adding some “hair” with some fine print gel pens.  (Shiver!)

Then, Emma and Wendy glued the clipart to the index cards.

 I decided to really vary the clipart for my garland. The kids each have their favorite. Personally, I like the rats the best.

Wendy helps me out with my artsy projects!

The next day, Hannah and Emma helped me punch the top of the index cards for threading the twine. (I didn’t use black yarn because I didn’t have any on hand!)

Emma is quite the crafter. I love having a daughter. 

Look who had to get in on the action! Old Sonny can’t handle not being the center of attention for very long.

The girls helped me get strategic about the order of the cards. The spider and the rat will hang down on the ends…. ew.

 I love it. I love it. I love it!

 Getting these little projects done is so life-giving.

Many hands make light work… 

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Jennifer Ebeling
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