Recipe Girl’s Chocolate-Peanut Butter Swirl Cookies

Emma and Taylor baked up a storm yesterday. The boys were off doing their thing and they had a little time to kill in the kitchen. In a previous post, I shared our experience making Recipe Girl’s Butterfinger Brownies. They were amazing.

We’ve been testing out some other cookbooks and having flop, after flop, after flop. So, Emma went back to the Recipe Girl Cookbook hoping for a winner. She chose Recipe Girl’s Chocolate-Peanut Butter Swirl Cookies. We weren’t disappointed. These cookies are my personal favorite right now.

Here’s Emma and Taylor ready to tackle a new recipe. Aprons clean. Ready for any baking challenge.

Emma and Taylor Baking


Then, I asked if they could take some photos along the way for me.  Sure. No problem.  And, then I add, “I’m going to blog about it…”  Taylor looks surprised. Emma’s ready for showtime.
Emma and Taylor Baking Surprise


Chocolate? Check. Peanut butter? Check. That’s all I needed to know…
Choc PB Swirl Cookie Recipe


Emma gets crackin’.

emma cracking eggs


Emma adds the peanut butter.

Emma adding peanut butter


Sonny helps clean the peanut butter spoon.

Sonny gets some peanut butter



Everything is ready to be mixed. (That’s my Grandma Hazel’s mixer, btw)

ingredients in the mixer


In just a few minutes, the dough is ready to go.

Mixing the dough


Emma is preparing to wrap the dough. The chilled dough will roll out nicely.

Emma wrapping the dough


It’s a wrap – now off to the fridge.

Dough wrapped for cooling


Ok, the dough has been chilled, unwrapped, and rolled out.  Now a layer of chocolate is spread on top. (Sorry, no pictures of us licking the spoon after this step).

Spreading the chocolate


The dough is rolled into logs.

Rolling the dough

We froze the logs over night. We wouldn’t have had to freeze them that long, but it was bedtime for Emma.

The next day, we set them out for a few minutes to warm up and then sliced them.

cutting the swirl dough


The slices look so pretty on the baking sheet.

on the baking sheet swirl


We couldn’t resist checking on them. I love it when cookies look like you expect them to look. Just a few minutes left.

Checking the oven swirl



Recipe Girl’s Chocolate-Peanut Butter Swirl Cookies turned out great.  I would say they are the cookie equivalent of Special K bars. Easy, great-tasting, and good-looking. That’s the triple crown in baking. We’ll be making these again for the flag day celebration in two weeks.

swirl cookies on rack

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