SG509 Master Gardener Roundtable August 2013

Master Gardener Roundtable

Left to Right after 20+ takes… 6ftmama, Marilyn, Jamie & Mary Lynn

Master Gardener Roundtable with Food

Behind the scenes – the food, the fun, the tail wagging courtesy of Sonny

In this episode of Still Growing… (SG), my fellow Master Gardeners stop by for our first Master Gardener roundtable. A warm welcome to:

Mary Lynn KenKnight – Working on her pest-detector class through the DNR

Jamie Sledd – Dentist by day, gardener the rest of the time!

Marilyn Arnlund – Minnesota Tree Care Advisor, Fire Fighter and Fire Marshall

Be sure to check out my blog this week. I have a post about August called The Gardener’s Second Chance at Spring with good tips and advice regarding August gardening.

SG509 Master Gardener Roundtable August 2013

In this episode, you’ll find out about:

  • Mary Lynn’s garden challenge:  Joe Pye Weed (Gateway) struck by leaf miner and a noted vigorous self-seeder (12:40 )
  • Iris Review: Bloom Failure and Division (16:15)
  • A Quick Discussion of this year’s performance of Annabelle and Invicibelle Hydrangeas (20:00)
  • Why you should consider pruning as part of an early fall cleanup strategy in your garden (23:18)
  • Jamie’s passion for Lupine (24:10)
  • What to prune in August (17:25  )
  • Pruning catmint for a second bloom (26:30)
  • Pinching back Purple Dome Aster and Autumn Joy Sedum to prevent flopping (28:30)
  • Marilyn’s Phlox Problems; suspect iron chlorosis (30:20) Photo below…
  • Marilyn's PhloxThe Soil Testing Process (35:00)
  • Plants that require Gardening: Azalea’s and Rhododendrons (36:50)
  • Mary Lynn’s Straw Bale Garden nemesis  (37:20)
  • How to treat Blossom End Rot with Powdered Milk (37:40)
  • The Sweet Taste of Alkaline Soil (41:00)
  • Mary Lynn’s Favorite Fertilizer; Fish Emulsion (42:45)
  • Weeding: Taking out Garden Thugs (48:18)
  • Planning for Spring Bulbs (49:00)
  • Mulch Grip (51:00)
  • Cocoa Bean Mulch (53:34)
  • Best Summer Hanging Baskets Reviewed (56:15)
  • Jamie’s Creative Pot for the Garden Tour (57:30)

Rainforest Sunrise
Sunrise in the rainforest is an exciting time.  Think of the rays of sunshine bouncing off the beautiful textures and colors.
As the Rainforest Sunrise Hosta greets us it highlights the sparkle of the Silver Brake Fern.  
Harmony Fuchsia Cream New Guinea Impatiens begins to heat up the day.  Once we hit mid-afternoon the Red Flash Caladium demonstrates the zeal of a fun day walking in the rainforest.
When evening is upon us, we enjoy the yellow, oranges and reds of Merlin’s Magic Coleus.  It will carry us in to the night where the Live Wire Fiber optic Grass will light our way along the path.
Look!  Do you see the Torenia Yellow Moon?
What a beautiful day in the rainforest.

Jamie Rainforest Pot

Featured Plants:
Rainforest Sunrise Hosta
Live Wire Fiber optic Grass
Silver Brake Fern
Harmony Fuchsia Cream New Guinea Impatiens
Red Flash Caladium
Merlin’s Magic Coleus
Live Wire Fiber optic Grass
Torenia Yellow Moon

  •  Marilyn’s Favorite Rose: Hope for Humanity (58:03)
  • Curly Willow (59:02)
  • My White Oak died this summer  (1:00:25)
  • Proper Tree Planting and Purchasing Tips (1:01:00)
  • Division Tips (1:03:00)
  • Marilyn’s insights on Bee Balm or  Monarda (1:03:35)
  • Update on Mary Lynn’s  Woodland Garden (1:04:45)
Natural Stone Cairn Hose Guides made by Ted Kopacek

Natural Stone Cairn Hose Guides for Mary Lynn’s Woodland Garden made by Ted Kopacek

  • Houseplant update (1:07:40)
  • Putting perennial succulents to bed (1:09:10)
  • Pruning & Propagating Autumn Joy Sedum (1:12:00)
  • Out-takes (1:13:25)

Items mentioned in this podcast include:

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Master Gardener Roundtable Sonny

Mary Lynn was pestered by Sonny the entire episode… that’s one clean arm!

Jamie Serenade

Jamie uncut…

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