Snap: The Short Nap

My folks visited some cousins who winter in Louisiana.  They thoroughly enjoyed the sights, cuisine, catching up and reminiscing.  But one of their biggest take-aways, was the family term “Snap” which was a short word for “short nap”.

Snap: The Short Nap

Snap has become a popular term in our nap-happy family. A snap is so refeshing.

Back to my parent’s trip to see their cousins. Guess what my folks did after supper?  Snap.  After touring around?  Another Snap. They snapped their way through their time in Louisiana and had one of the most refreshing vacations of their lives.

My mom says she has trouble sleeping, but I’ve heard no report from her of a similar struggle in the snapping department.

I love the idea of incorporating snaps as self-care.  I am one of the lucky people who can almost nap at will.  (Hillary Clinton reported she could do this, too.  I guess that’s how she handled the million miles of flying as Secretary of State!)  For me, I find that even 15 minutes can give me enough rest to make it until bedtime.

Guess who else is a Snapper?  Sonny.  Dogs are great at self care and they snap all the time.

Here Sonny took the opportunity to take a snap while I folded some sheets.  Doesn’t he make snapping look awesome?!


Sonny has inspired me to get some snaps built into my days.

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