Sonny’s Back Home

DSC_0707Basketball tournament weekends are so dang hectic for us that we have started taking Sonny to Puptown for the entire weekend so he can get the proper amount (which is HEAPS) of attention and not stay home alone.

Emma and I finally got around to picking him up around lunchtime today. As per usual, he jumped right in and headed to the “way way back seat” – the Sonny seat – in the mobile doghouse (aka the van).

We stopped on the way home to run a few errands and every single time we opened up the back of the van, there he was – letting us know the good news: he was back!

Yeah, we see you, big guy.


Sonny’s spot of total zen is resting on the back headrest and watching the world go by.

Btw – Sonny would like the Honda Odyssey folks to know that their headrests are the. perfect. height. for his big ol’ noggin. Granted, they hit all of us all wrong – but they are pure perfection for Sonny.

Yes. It’s his doghouse… and I get to drive it.

DSC_0712“Feels so good to be headed back home, doesn’t it, Sonny?”

He’s pretty tired from his big weekend hanging out with 30 other dogs.

He can barely turn his head to look at the lady with a puppy in her shopping cart rolling by…
DSC_0719Yes, so exhausted.

Here comes yet another big, big, big Sonny-sized sigh.

At least he mustered the strength to perk his ears at the T-word. (treat)

DSC_0726Oooooh someone is jeally of the puppy in yonder cart!

Emma represented the Sonny fan club well today.

DSC_0740Watch – he’s going into an Emma-imposed trance…. it’s that indented spot right above the ear….

DSC_0742These two are going to have a nap together this afternoon.

DSC_0755Still time for a quick tan on the way home…
DSC_0775When we get back, even though he’s sooooooo tired, he has to let the neighborhood know he’s back by sitting on the driveway for a spell.

Gotta admire that ownership instinct – even though the sun was shining, it was barely 45 degrees. That is some cold asphalt there folks.


Apparently, turf must be established before any self-respecting dog can just waltz on into the house.

DSC_0782After all the bags get hauled into the house, I go get the mail.

Here, he’s thinking about whether or not he has the energy to head across the street to mark the mailbox.

So tempting…


But, nope.

He’s gonna let that opportunity go today.

It just feels too darn good to be back home.DSC_0786

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Jennifer Ebeling
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  1. Amy Putkonen on April 12, 2016 at 6:33 am

    Hi Jennifer,

    I had your post come up on my Bloglovin’ feed and realized that I have not seen you in the Inspired Blogging group in ages! You should come back! Next month, we are doing a challenge! It’s been a long time since we’ve done one. Not sure why you left, but we’d love to have you back. We need some new energy in the group!

    • Jennifer Ebeling on April 12, 2016 at 12:32 pm

      Hey there Amy! Ok – twist my arm. I’ll pop over there this week – thanks for the invite!

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