Leverage Bars (the treat that will make your kids do anything you ask!)

Leverage Bars (Monster Cookie Bars)

Monster Cookies – they’re nothing short of irresistable. Seriously, who can walk past a Monster Cookie without a slight hitch in their step. I came to a complete stop in the serving line when I saw these Monster Cookie Bars made by my dear friend, Diane Sullivan of Eagan, for her daughter’s graduation. They are just the perfect amount of gooey-ness and crunch and include all the standard monster cookie ingredients. Plus, bars are so much easier to make than the assembly line and babysitting services required by cookies. Once Diane emailed me the recipe, Emma and I flew to the grocery store to buy M&M’s so we could hurry home and make them. I’ve renamed them Leverage Bars – in honor of their power.

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4th of July Fruit Pizza

Emma and Jess had fun making a 4th of July Fruit Pizza today. The berry crops have been especially good this year. I have a friend who owns a strawberry farm and the 2013 strawberry crop is fantastic. Jess had a friend who recommended this recipe.  I’ve had many fruit pizza’s, but I especially liked…

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Recipe Girl Butterfinger Brownies

I have a passion for cookbooks. I recently bought The Recipe Girl Cookbook by Lori Lange after seeing something amazing from her on Pinterest (sorry- can’t tell you what it is just yet!!). Anyway, the very first item I made from the cookbook was the Recipe Girl Butterfinger Brownies.  Love! If you have a special…

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Chicken Tetrazzini

Oh Chicken Tetrazzini. Is there any dish my kids slurp down faster than you? Maybe Noodles Mac N Cheese. This one is an indulgence and it’s not skinnied down. Let’s dive in.   I start with a bag of 2-4c. of cubed and cooked chicken (which I make ahead of time in bulk and freeze…

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Cherry Marshmallow Dessert

Will Cherry Marshmallow Dessert

This dessert reminds me of a recipe made by my Grandma Dekker. If I can find it, I’ll add it and maybe do a taste test with the kids. Gram’s was raspberry, this one’s cherry – as the German’s say “Machts nichts” or “Doesn’t make a hill of beans difference!” Cherry Marshmallow Dessert Mix graham…

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Italian Chicken

This recipe is so easy and it is one of my favorites! The boys helped me make it on their cooking night. Start with 2-4c. cooked cubed chicken. (In a previous post, I shared how I bulk process chicken.) Here’s one of my chicken bags ready to go from my freezer…   Part of the…

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Honey Mustard Chicken

Here’s another recipe that is super fast and super easy. It’s also a hit with the kiddos. The boys made it on their cooking night. Again, I start with a bag of 2-4 c. cooked and cubed chicken. This is my go-to method for processing chicken and getting meals together quickly.   Here’s my bag…

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Simple Mashed Cauliflower

I love cooked cauliflower. My mother used to boil it and serve it with a little butter, S and P. Mashed cauliflower has become a popular alternative to mashed potatoes with the added bonus of fewer carbs and zero starch. I came up with this simple mashed cauliflower recipe for my family. I didn’t want the…

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Dorito Dust Bowl Chili

I came up with this Dorito Dust Bowl Chili recipe when my younger boys couldn’t handle the popular “Chili in a Bag” and would get frustrated trying eat their Chili out of a snack size bag of Doritos. Still growing…

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