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The Port Room

Port Room

It took me a few years to collect the pieces of art I wanted to use for a gallery wall in our guest room ~ the Port Room.

I had a few things in mind for the pieces for the Port Room gallery wall:

Recycling: I wanted to find all the pieces at thrift stores
Theme: All the pictures needed to feature a boat or ship
Organic: I wanted collection to look curated – not planned. The frames could be any color, the art could be any style – but nothing matchy-matchy.
Consensus: Each piece needed to get a thumbs up from the kids. No matter how eclectic, if it made us happy, we bought it.
Combining all the different pieces was a little tricky – it was a little like putting together a giant puzzle. Whew!

It’s great to finally see all the art on the wall.

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Hazel Evelyn Schoen

My grandmother, Hazel Evelyn Schoen was born October 2, 1915. Her parents were Peter Cassens Schoen and Marie Wilhelmine Hackbarth.  She was the youngest of four girls in the family.  Here she is with her sisters at about 5 years of age.  The Schoen Sisters: Elta Marie, Marie Augusta, Pearl Peters, and Hazel Evelyn Hazel…

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Servatzius May

My great grandfather, Servatzius May, was born August 3, 1878 in Kottenheim, Germany. His parents were Mathias and Katherina (nee Küveler) May of Kottenheim. Servatzius was their youngest child. Katherina was 45 years old when she had Servatzius. Servatzius had two older sisters: Barbara and Anna. He had two older brothers: Johann and Michael. Life…

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Andreas Nielsen Jessen Part II

Last week, I wrote a post about my 2nd Great Grandfather, Andreas Nielsen Jessen.  This week, Michael Kirchmeier, Director of the Jackson County Historical Society in Jackson, MN, sent more information my way.  Family oral history and written biographies mention that Andreas was ill and an invalid for about a year before he died.  Sadly,…

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