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Autism and Gratitude

It seems odd to link autism and gratitude. But, I do. Despite the battles and worry that came with the diagnosis for our boys, good grew from it. It is healing to recognize the positive things we have experienced since our kids were diagnosed on April 2nd, 2007.  Still growing…

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The Repair Hug

I got a little stressed out at the thought of my schedule tomorrow. Hubby is traveling. I need to pick and choose the most essential commitments, then orchestrate all the driving. Oh, joy! We won’t get to it all, but that still means quite a scramble. In the middle of all this coordinating, I thought…

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Three Questions To Ask Before Your Child Changes Schools

School struggles are never fun.  We want our kids to succeed.  So how do we know when it’s time to move on?  What information can help us make the decision that it’s time to look for another option?  These three simple questions have helped me find clarity and peace of mind with my choices. Still…

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