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The View From Up Here August 2016

The grapes are beautiful over the arbor right at this very moment.

August is a second spring and girl you know it’s true. Sorry – I’ve been mashing thoughts and lyrics together all day.
In the garden, most of the herbs are bolting.
Speaking of bolting, I’m just a little over a month away from having the four kids head back to school. They know it’s almost time for it, too. We’re at peak laissez-faire mode at our house. Any semblance of a bedtime has been completely shot to hell.

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Herb Shopping

Today was the perfect sunny day for herb shopping. I usually buy the herbs for my kitchen garden from the Friends School Plant Sale, but I missed it this year. Thankfully, Home Depot had a nice selection – plus they love it when Sonny comes with me. Let me show you what made it into…

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