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SG567: The Legend of the Dogwood Tree an Easter Special with Lynn Gendusa

Lynn Gendusa A Forgetful Daughter's Walk on a Sunday Morning on the Still Growing Gardening Podcast 6ftmama blog

I’m pretty sure I experienced a divine alignment the day I discovered Lynn Gendusa’s column in the LaGrange Daily News. I had the distinct pleasure of reading her Easter column a few days ago. In an instant, I was completely taken with Lynn’s story of self-awakening – it was an Easter hunt of sorts. Buried in the tasks of daily life, Lynn had become what she calls “A forgetful daughter”. In the story, Lynn shares the legend of the Dogwood tree and her description of the tree she discovered on her walk is simply beautiful.

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Happy Geaster

We celebrated Easter by having lunch at a fun Greek restaurant near Mom and Dad’s house in Burnsville. ¬†In case you were wondering, Dad got new glasses! ¬†With his new look and signature black turtleneck, we think he looks a little like Steve Jobs.     I have to say that the belly dancer added…

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