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Dad’s Chair

Phil's Chair

Happy Thursday everyone. Just when I was thinking about how different things are these days… I realized some things seem to keep up no matter what. Case in point: Our kids are growing up in a house with “Dad’s Chair“. The Good Old Days Dad’s chair was part of both sides of our family. In Worthington,…

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Coming home

Welcome Home Cake

This past Fall, Phil went to Harvard. The kids and I managed to navigate commitments, appointments, homework and double bookings with lots of help from babysitters, friends and family. There were still a few trouble spots that meant a special phone call – to settle a dispute, share a misery, ask for advice – when only Dad would do.
Three hours before Phil came home, all hell broke loose.

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Harvard AMP and Boston Fall Trip 2013

Kids in front of Kresge Hall

The kids and I made it back from Boston today – and this fabulously sunny day was the perfect welcome home. Our Harvard AMP and Boston Trip Fall 2013 was a five day whirlwind visit to see Phil during his break from the Harvard AMP. As a reference for future visiting families, Harvard puts together a lovely program for the visiting families. Let me guide you through our jam-packed visit…

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Wedding with the Monte Carlo

Try To Remember   By Harvey Schmidt and Tom Jones   Try to remember, the kind of September, When life was slow, and oh-so mellow. Try to remember, the kind of September,When grass was green, and grain was yellow. Try to remember, the kind of September,When you were a tender and callow fellow…. Try to remember… And if you…

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The 10 Commandments of Smart Gardening

I culled through my own experiences in the garden this summer to outline some lessons in smart gardening, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced digger – I call them The 10 Commandments of Smart Gardening. I’m sure you’ll recognize yourself in some of these guidelines, but I hope they also provide some inspiration for you, too – no matter your experience level.

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July 2013 Photo Stream

This week marked the end of July – a month that flew by for me. Admittedly, I recognize that organizing a garden tour for 1,000 people with 15 presenters spread across four different garden locations probably had something to do with the fact July sort of got away from me. When I looked back at…

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Repatriation Date Night

Phil and I have a little tradition of going on a date immediately after a vacation. After the 4th of  July, we scheduled a Repatriation Date Night – we planned a long afternoon to catch a matinee, have a relaxing supper, connect with each other, and plan the family calendar for the back half of the…

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Save The Marriage Night

I recently saw Heather Kahn Braver on the Today Show with Dr. Lisa Thornton and Rachel Campos-Duffy. The topic was date night, or as Heather calls it, “Save the Marriage Night”. What she said really resonated with me. Like Heather and her husband, Phil and I go on regular date nights. In fact, we schedule…

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The Company We Keep

In addition to regular weekly date nights, Phil and I try to spend at least one evening a month with another couple.  It’s a formula that refreshes us for many reasons.  In addition, I see it as another part of self care. In this post, I share how we stay connected with the company we…

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Date Night Inspiration

Here’s a little book I stumbled on in a dressing room (of all places!) on our last date night.   I knew my 40-year-old brain wouldn’t remember the title, so I snapped a photo of it.  I love the title and the cover. There are many sweet and loving gestures that couples do to generate happiness.…

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