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Greenhouse Poetry

At the end of every podcast interview for Still Growing… , I usually put together some out-takes. Sometimes it is funny false starts or moments that happen during taping. Other times, I record my children – reading poetry, telling garden stories, etc. These little micro-recordings have become a favorite part of my podcast. My kids…

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The Best Private Plant Sale in Maple Grove

Carmen Ouverson and her neighbor, Carla, have been putting together what I consider to be the best private plant sale in Maple Grove – and it’s happening right now.  Today, Carmen will open her garden to about 300 people eager to shop a staggering selection of perennials.  The sale begins at 7:30am and lasts until…

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Favorite Garden Quotes

Talk about pent-up demand – I am so ready to get in the garden! Sadly, there’s not much gardeners can do when Spring is late and the snow continues to fall through the month of April. We haven’t had a spring this cold since 1965. I’ve been pulling together some of my favorite garden quotes…

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