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Favorite Garden Quotes

Talk about pent-up demand – I am so ready to get in the garden! Sadly, there’s not much gardeners can do when Spring is late and the snow continues to fall through the month of April. We haven’t had a spring this cold since 1965. I’ve been pulling together some of my favorite garden quotes…

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Spring Mantlescape with Winter Wheat Grass

Planting winter wheat is a spring tradition around here. It is an excellent spring gardening project for kids; they get to plant seeds and they can see the results of their work in just a few days.  This year, I designed my spring mantlescape with winter wheat grass. Watch how I transform a simple set…

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DIY Cloche

Who can resist the beauty of a cloche? They have a trans-formative effect on pots – turning the ordinary into the awesome. The only issue with cloches are price – they are expensive.  Here’s a way to get around that without breaking the budget. Still growing…

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