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The View From Up Here August 2016

The grapes are beautiful over the arbor right at this very moment.

August is a second spring and girl you know it’s true. Sorry – I’ve been mashing thoughts and lyrics together all day.
In the garden, most of the herbs are bolting.
Speaking of bolting, I’m just a little over a month away from having the four kids head back to school. They know it’s almost time for it, too. We’re at peak laissez-faire mode at our house. Any semblance of a bedtime has been completely shot to hell.

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Alone Time on the Hammock

This past weekend while the boys were busy burning yard waste, Emma and I spent 30 minutes of alone time on the hammock. Actually, all the kids enjoy the hammock. But, Emma really recharges from our quiet time together rocking in the hammock. It was a perfect spring day for clean-up. It was a little…

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