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Coming home

Welcome Home Cake

This past Fall, Phil went to Harvard. The kids and I managed to navigate commitments, appointments, homework and double bookings with lots of help from babysitters, friends and family. There were still a few trouble spots that meant a special phone call – to settle a dispute, share a misery, ask for advice – when only Dad would do.
Three hours before Phil came home, all hell broke loose.

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The View From Up Here: September 23, 2013

Owl Mug 6ftmama

The past week has been a frenzy of activity as the kids and I get ready for our trip to Boston to visit Phil.
At Everest Lane House this week, I’m slowing changing over the home decor to reflect the fact that Autumn 2013 is upon us.
In the garden, I’m starting my fall cleanup. I’ve trimmed back all the dying foliage, and I’m covering trouble spots with newspaper and mulch for a fresh start next Spring. I’ve got all my bulb catalogs in a nice pile by the sofa and next week, my Master Gardener friends are joining me for our first annual Fantasy Bulb Order. Think of it as a twist on Fantasy Football and you get the gist.

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July 2013 Photo Stream

This week marked the end of July – a month that flew by for me. Admittedly, I recognize that organizing a garden tour for 1,000 people with 15 presenters spread across four different garden locations probably had something to do with the fact July sort of got away from me. When I looked back at…

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