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Trifling Words

Trifling Words

Thanks to Will and his study of the Civil War this past quarter, I found a touching quote by Lew Wallace. Who was Lew Wallace?

A proud Hoosier, his time as a Civil War Union General proved disastrous for him. Through a series of miscommunications, he failed to lead his men to Shiloh where Union soldiers were slaughtered by Sherman and his men. By the time, Wallace arrived on the scene, there was little he could do and his military career was essentially over.
In a satisfying turn of events, Lew Wallace ended up becoming a writer and enjoyed a celebrated place in history as the author of Ben-Hur.

Wallace was a man who knew both public shame and admiration during his lifetime. Sadly, he endured more than just trifling words as a result of his actions in the battle of Shiloh. Indeed, the shame from that experience stayed with him to the end of his days.

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