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Starting the Kitchen Garden 2016

After looking at the 10-day forecast with 60s for highs and 40s for lows, I decided to start planting my kitchen garden today. First up – Sweet Basil.   I always fill two large rolling planter boxes with Sweet Basil.   I like to start with buying three full flats so I can start making pesto batches…

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Stop Throwing Out Old Potting Soil

Does Mother Nature throw out all the soil on the earth and go to the store to so she can start over with fresh soil every Spring? Of course not. So why do we? Gone are the days when I throw out old potting soil in the spring. Now, revitalizing my existing soil is part of my…

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5 Secrets to a Successful Kitchen Garden

Kitchen Gardens are a great way to make fresh edibles available for cooking just steps away from your kitchen table. How should the kitchen garden be designed for optimal use?  What should everyday cooks keep in mind as they start a kitchen garden?  How can you keep your kitchen garden harvest from spoiling before you get…

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