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SpiceStor Clips

A few months ago,  I was looking for some fun kitchen items to use as stocking stuffers. I bought the SpiceStor Clips on Amazon. They’ve gotten great reviews and they are a best seller. When I saw the price point was under $9, I thought they were worth a try. Still growing…

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Pampered Chef Mini Mix N Scraper

The Pampered Chef Mini Mix N Scraper is one if my favorite kitchen tools.  It is so cute.   Plus, it easy for the kids to use.  I reach for it more than any other spatula in the drawer.  So it’s no surprise that it’s usually hanging out in the dishwasher.  I decided to indulge…

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Freezing Buttermilk and Heavy Cream

How many cartons of buttermilk and heavy cream have I thrown away in my cooking lifetime?  Too many. How many times has my recipe called for just a half cup or some amount – leaving the rest to waste?  Also, too many. Well those days are over.  I finally figured out that I can freeze…

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