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SG533: How Vegetables, Herbs, and Flowers Go Together in Vegetable Literacy with Deborah Madison

Deborah Madison is nothing short of amazing. Her cookbook, Vegetable Literacy, has become a staple for many aspiring chefs around the world. Vegetable Literacy is exciting to both gardeners and cooks alike because it draws a connection between the vegetables, herbs and edible flowers in 12 plant families. It’s more than a cookbook – it’s an invaluable resource to cooks and gardeners; helping cooks learn about garden edibles while helping gardeners learn how edibles work together in the kitchen.

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The Three Plant Families That Attract Good Garden Bugs

How do you get the good bugs to come hang out in your garden? The answer is simple: Grow what they like. I call this post The Ultimate Guide to Attracting Good Garden Bugs because there are certain plants that are super attractive to good bugs (ladybugs, flower flies, etc.).  These good bugs drink the nectar…

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