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Leverage Bars (the treat that will make your kids do anything you ask!)

Leverage Bars (Monster Cookie Bars)

Monster Cookies – they’re nothing short of irresistable. Seriously, who can walk past a Monster Cookie without a slight hitch in their step. I came to a complete stop in the serving line when I saw these Monster Cookie Bars made by my dear friend, Diane Sullivan of Eagan, for her daughter’s graduation. They are just the perfect amount of gooey-ness and crunch and include all the standard monster cookie ingredients. Plus, bars are so much easier to make than the assembly line and babysitting services required by cookies. Once Diane emailed me the recipe, Emma and I flew to the grocery store to buy M&M’s so we could hurry home and make them. I’ve renamed them Leverage Bars – in honor of their power.

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Recipe Girl’s Chocolate-Peanut Butter Swirl Cookies

Emma and Taylor baked up a storm yesterday. The boys were off doing their thing and they had a little time to kill in the kitchen. In a previous post, I shared our experience making Recipe Girl’s Butterfinger Brownies. They were amazing. We’ve been testing out some other cookbooks and having flop, after flop, after…

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