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Umbrella Plant

Nothing assures me that Spring is truly underway like my Umbrella Plant (Darmera Peltata) or the common name of Indian Rhubarb. I adore this plant and I love having it in my garden because it is unique and it stumps people – even my most knowledgeable garden friends – all the time. It’s fun for…

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Sedum and Stonecrop in Footed Bowl

I put together this sedum and stonecrop medley in the spring. I found the footed resin bowl at Goodwill.  I was going to paint it, but then I left it weathered. I half buried the base in the soil for stability.  It adds some nice height and makes it look like it is spilling over…

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Pruning Catmint

Catmint was one of the first perennials I put in my garden.  In fact, it’s still in its original spot in my front garden some twelve years later.  Catmint is awesome because it looks and smells fabulous – sweet and minty but not as strong as regular mint.  The blue/purple flowers rebloom for me thought…

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