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Some things never change

Sonny rides to Puptown 2014 the Still Growing Gardening Podcast 6ftmama blog

Some things never change.

You know how Facebook reminds you of old status updates with those Time Hop photo memories?

Generally speaking, they make me feel a little sad because old pictures of the kids just seem to punctuate how fast they’re growing up now that they’re teenagers.

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Harvard AMP and Boston Fall Trip 2013

Kids in front of Kresge Hall

The kids and I made it back from Boston today – and this fabulously sunny day was the perfect welcome home. Our Harvard AMP and Boston Trip Fall 2013 was a five day whirlwind visit to see Phil during his break from the Harvard AMP. As a reference for future visiting families, Harvard puts together a lovely program for the visiting families. Let me guide you through our jam-packed visit…

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Basketball Gardening

Basketball Gardening 6ftmama

Forget Lasagna Gardening. Basketball Gardening is where it’s at! With three boys, it’s a good thing I’ve learned to enjoy basketball gardening. I’ve actually gotten quite good at it. As I shared with PJ just the other day, they’re all over my garden. Between you and me, I’ve always thought orange adds a little sophistication to the garden.

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Just a Rose in a Garden of Weeds

Just A Rose in a Garden of Weeds

PJ and John read the lyrics to Just a Rose in a Garden of Weeds to close out the Still Growing podcast SG511 this week featuring Nancy Peters, The Weed Lady. It’s a beautiful old song that was written by W. H. David and R B Saxe in  1949 and featured on the soundtrack of…

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July 2013 Photo Stream

This week marked the end of July – a month that flew by for me. Admittedly, I recognize that organizing a garden tour for 1,000 people with 15 presenters spread across four different garden locations probably had something to do with the fact July sort of got away from me. When I looked back at…

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Mother’s Day 2013

Happy Mother’s Day! The kids have been treating me all week.  I’ll share PJ’s card today. PJ is such a tender heart. He made me this card in school. He put a little flower on the front of the card because he knows I love to garden. I’m the big star and he’s the little…

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Leftover Night Table Prayer

pj pray 6ftmama

Our little giant, PJ, took control of the suppertime table prayer tonight.  True to form, he made it all his own.  He’s never going to use a stock prayer or a churchy phrase to talk to his Lord.  No way. Even so, he managed to surprise us with his special PJ way of connecting with…

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Teaching Multiplication on the IPad using the MultiFlow App

PJ is starting to learn multiplication.  There’s only one way to do it – repetition.  Recently, I found an awesome app for multiplication.  It lets me pick just the numbers that PJ is learning and he can learn at his own pace.  It’s called MultiFlow.  Let me introduce you. Here’s what the app looks like…

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Super Hot

PJ made use of his time in church to quiz his cousin about his love life. At least the last question is about a sacrament. Still growing…

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Terrible Turkey

PJ’s 2nd grade class had a Terrible Turkey project this week.  He came home with this cute artwork for Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving! Still growing…

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