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Front Porch Spring Fiesta

The front porch at the Bachman’s Spring Idea House 2016 is a perfect example of botanical interest that is packed into every single room.   The floral patterns in the porch are bright and playful– And the room is packed with inspiration. Let’s unpack this room a bit and I’ll show you my favorite elements. The paint…

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7 Garden DIY’s for June

Now that the sun is finally making an appearance, it’s time to get going on those remaining garden chores before the arrival summer. Besides, the sooner we get these last few tasks finished, the sooner we can enjoy time in the garden. These 7 Garden DIY’s for June will help get your outdoors in shape before…

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Front Porch Robins

Some of my outdoor chores get pushed off until I absolutely have to do them. This year, tidying my front porch took a backseat to starting the kitchen garden, fixing the water features, repairing the lawn equipment, and so forth. But we had company coming for Memorial Day weekend, and I wanted the porch to…

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