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February 2017 Letter

Diane Christmas Card 2016

My plans of getting the Christmas tree down before the first of February were thwarted yet again.

When I told my mom that January had overwhelmed me, she said, “Well, dear, it’s just like when the kids were babies. You never got the tree down until Valentine’s those years either”.

Somehow that felt like vindication.

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Some things never change

Sonny rides to Puptown 2014 the Still Growing Gardening Podcast 6ftmama blog

Some things never change.

You know how Facebook reminds you of old status updates with those Time Hop photo memories?

Generally speaking, they make me feel a little sad because old pictures of the kids just seem to punctuate how fast they’re growing up now that they’re teenagers.

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Mr. Fix-it

Yesterday morning, before school, John helped me repair a screen. Never mind that he’s just 10 years old.  He’s been helping with little projects like these for years now. (You’re welcome, John’s future wife!)   Help put away the breakfast dishes?  Nah.   Got your backpack so you’re ready for the bus?  Mom – I’ll…

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How We Added More Structure to Our Family Weekend

Weekend Pie Chart

I knew we needed to have more structure on our weekends when I started to look forward to Mondays. If that isn’t a call to action, what is?
I’m always fascinated by the variety of ways families work together. In this post, I share how we added more structure to the weekend – so we can truly enjoy (and make the most of) our time off together.

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People Can Change

People Can Change

“People Can Change, Mom.”

Last night, I made spaghetti and meatballs. I was plating up the kids the way I have for years. Years.

I was about to plate up some for myself, and I hear John ask for sauce and meatballs.

This is child number four. We haven’t cajoled, harassed, fought or cried for one second about his finicky eating. If he doesn’t like what I make for a meal, he can make himself a cheesy wrap. Done. No drama.

And yet, it must have been getting on my nerves. Because when John asked for sauce and meatballs on his spaghetti last night, I nearly broke into a dance… but I didn’t. This is child number four. We take it all in stride.

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The Ultimate Prep Checklist for Parent Teacher Conferences

Emma and Will First Day of School at Parnassus Preparatory 2013

Happy Friday!

Today is a big day – it’s Parent-Teacher Conference Day!

They can sneak up on you faster than Daylight Savings… those darn Parent-Teacher Conferences. After 12 years of good, bad, and ugly – I’m sharing my Ultimate Prep Checklist for Parent Teacher Conferences.
I’ve found that if I don’t take a few moments to collect my thoughts, the whole experience can be a real let-down.

So l put together what I call The Ultimate Prep Checklist for Parent Teacher Conferences. It’s what I do with my kids and I’ve found that it really helps me to maximize the 10 minutes I have face-to-face with the teacher.

This is the process I’ve honed with my older kids at Parnassus (School of Logic 5th – 8th Grade), I meet with them together to discuss each subject and teacher.

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Repatriation Date Night

Phil and I have a little tradition of going on a date immediately after a vacation. After the 4th of  July, we scheduled a Repatriation Date Night – we planned a long afternoon to catch a matinee, have a relaxing supper, connect with each other, and plan the family calendar for the back half of the…

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Mother’s Day 2013

Happy Mother’s Day! The kids have been treating me all week.  I’ll share PJ’s card today. PJ is such a tender heart. He made me this card in school. He put a little flower on the front of the card because he knows I love to garden. I’m the big star and he’s the little…

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Autism and Gratitude

It seems odd to link autism and gratitude. But, I do. Despite the battles and worry that came with the diagnosis for our boys, good grew from it. It is healing to recognize the positive things we have experienced since our kids were diagnosed on April 2nd, 2007.  Still growing…

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One last snowman…

Most people will see this little snowman in front of our house this week and think nothing of it. In this post I share why, for me, this little snowman is a reminder that Will is growing up. Still growing…

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The Repair Hug

I got a little stressed out at the thought of my schedule tomorrow. Hubby is traveling. I need to pick and choose the most essential commitments, then orchestrate all the driving. Oh, joy! We won’t get to it all, but that still means quite a scramble. In the middle of all this coordinating, I thought…

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Leftover Night Table Prayer

pj pray 6ftmama

Our little giant, PJ, took control of the suppertime table prayer tonight.  True to form, he made it all his own.  He’s never going to use a stock prayer or a churchy phrase to talk to his Lord.  No way. Even so, he managed to surprise us with his special PJ way of connecting with…

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Nose Better

Nose Better has already made my 2013 Favorite Things list because we’ve had some subzero weeks around here and that makes noses very sad.  And dry noses are painful. Who knows better how to treat noses than…Nose Better? Still growing…

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